Riverside, IA 2/22/08

Atlantic City, NJ 3/29/08

Milwaukee, WI 5/06-10/08

Rockville, MD 5/25/08

Lac du Flambeau, WI 7/05/08

Beverly, MA 10/17/08

Des Moines, IA 8/09/08

St. Charles, IL 8/15-16/08

Elizabeth, IN 9/26/08

Charlotte, NC 10/18/08

Cruisin With Rick 11/14 - 11/17/08

Rockin The Boat 11/12 - 11/16/09

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This page is dedicated to the fans of Rick Springfield.  If you have pictures you'd like to submit from any of the Rick Springfield events you attended (from 2008 on),
please submit to Darla or Renata.  Please check with any of your friends in the pictures before sending.  Thanks to Rick Springfield for all the good times
(even when he's not there :-)