Talkin' With Rick!

Rick was gracious enough to attend several live chats with his fans during 2000-2004. Rick has answered questions ranging from the serious to the sublime, and his answers have always given us even more insight to the man who shares so much with his fans.

Compiled here are the links to the chats Rick participated in through the cooperation of the RLS Fan Club and the chat room on, in one easy location. If you're new to the site, you can read them for the first time; if you were able to sit on the live chats, relive the memories. Newest chats are at the bottom.

Note: several chats were graced with the presence of some "mystery guests" who livened things up a bit. Warning: several of these chats could carry an R rating!

Chat, May 2000 (MS Word Only)

Chat, July, 2000 (MS Word Only)

Chat, September, 2000 (MS Word)

Chat, September, 2000 (text only)

Chat, December 6, 2000 (MS Word)

Chat, December 6, 2000 (text only)

Chat, December 7, 2000 (MS Word)

Chat, December 7, 2000 (text only)

Chat, February 9, 2001 (MS Word)

Chat, February 9, 2001 (text only)

Chat, MGM Grand, February 14, 2001 (MS Word)

Chat, MGM Grand, February 14, 2001 (text only)

Chat, 3/1/01, from USA Today (text only)

Chat, June 14, 2001 (MS Word)

Chat, June 14, 2001 (text only)

Chat, August 23, 2001 (MS Word)

Chat, August 23, 2001 (text only)

Chat, December 4, 2001 (MS Word)

Chat, December 4, 2001 (text only)

Chat, June 19, 2002 (MS Word)

Chat, May 20, 2003 with Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Chat, August 23, 2003 (MS Word)

Chat, August 23, 2003 (Text Only)

Chat, February 23, 2004 (MS Word)

Chat, February 23, 2004 (Text Only)

Chat, May 19, 2004 (MS Word)

Chat, May 19, 2004 (Text Only)