Happy Birthday 
Music by: Mildred and Patty Hill  
Lyrics by: Robert H. Coleman


Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear <insert name>
Happy Birthday to you




The song was written in 1893 by 2 sisters who were schoolteachers as a classroom greeting, with the lyrics "Good Morning to All". Robert Coleman published the song in 1935 without the sisters' permission and added the "Happy Birthday" verse. It was popularized in the late 1930's when it was sung in the Broadway production of "As Thousands Cheer".

Rick sings this live whenever a birthday is brought to his attention and to himself ("Happy Birthday to Me") for several months before and after his birthday! (along with the "does this look like a <insert age>year-old butt to you?")





Footnote - the background picture was taken at the end of an EFX performance, during the celebration of Rick's Birthday 2002.