Hey Joe

(written by: Billy Roberts)
Originally recorded by: The Leaves

{Jimi Hendrix's version}

[1st verse [Oo-backing vocals on each line]
Hey Joe, where you goin' with that gun in your hand?
Hey Joe, I said where you goin' with that gun in your hand?
Alright. I'm goin down to shoot my old lady,
you know I caught her messin' 'round with another man.
Yeah,! I'm goin' down to shoot my old lady,
you know I caught her messin' 'round with another man.
Huh! And that ain't too cool.

[2nd verse [Ah. -backing vocal on each line]
Uh, hey Joe, I heard you shot your woman down,
you shot her down.
Uh, hey Joe, I heard you shot you old lady down, 
you shot her down to the ground. Yeah!

Yes, I did, I shot her,
you know I caught her messin' 'round,
messin' 'round town.
Uh, yes I did, I shot her
you know I caught my old lady messin' 'round town.
And I gave her the gun and I shot her!

(Ah! Hey Joe)
Shoot her one more time again, baby!
(Oo) Yeah.
(Hey Joe!)
Ah, dig it! (Hey) Ah! Ah!
(Joe where you gonna go?)
Oh, alright.

[3rd verse]
Hey Joe, said now,
(Hey) uh, where you gonna run to now, where you gonna run to?
Yeah. (where you gonna go?)
Hey Joe, I said, (Hey)
where you goin' to run
to now, where you, where you gonna go? (Joe!)
Well, dig it! I'm goin' way down south, way down south, (Hey)
way down south to Mexico way! Alright! (Joe)
I'm goin' way down south, (Hey, Joe)
way down where I can be free!
(where you gonna...)
Ain't no one gonna find me babe! (...go?)
Ain't no hangman gonna,
(Hey, Joe)
he ain't gonna put a rope around me!
(Joe where you gonna..)
You better belive it right now! (...go?)
I gotta go now!
Hey, hey, hey Joe, (Hey Joe) 
you better run on down!
(where you gonna...)
Goodbye everybody. Ow! (...go?)
Hey, hey Joe, what'd I say,
run on down.
(where you gonna go?)


"Hey Joe", a traditional song performed by many artists. Sometimes credited to Billy Roberts. Sometimes credited to Chet (or Chester) Powers a.k.a. Jesse Oris Farrow, née Dino Valente
who became the lead singer of Quicksilver Messenger Service.
In 1965 "Hey Joe" was recorded by The Leaves. In 1966 they recorded it again with a fuzztone guitar sound. Also the Surfaris, Byrds, Love, Shadows of Night, Warlocks and many other bands recorded the song in 1966. Tim Rose recorded "Hey Joe" in 1966, one month before the Leaves' version entered the charts. Rose played the song at less than half the tempo. He changed the key of the song to E instead of A. Rose also roared out the verses, and added his own variant on their structure. Jimi Hendrix picked up this version of "Hey Joe" and made a European hit out of it in 1967. Since then many other great guitar players have performed this song.
A Japanese group called the Golden Cups recorded a version in 1968 that adapted the song to different cultural standards.
Many more facts about this song on www.heyjoe.org


Rick performed this song live in Branson, MO on August 29, 2003

Footnote - the background picture was taken in Branson, MO on 8/29/03 by Renata Hearn during the performance of Hey Joe.