Potawatomi Casino

Milwaukee, WI 5/8/07

Why is this photo a favorite of mine? Well...that killer smile of course!  Not to mention his beautiful eyes and the fact that he just looks genuinely happy here. Rick has always had the most dazzling smile and this photo is no exception! This was my first (and only, so far) trip to Milwaukee for the week-long Rick shows, and so when I see this photo, it really brings back great memories. This is my absolute favorite Milwaukee shot of all the ones I took that week :) Rick was playful as always on this night, and he really set the week off with a rock and roll "bang!"

Kelley Pearson


rick in a cloud

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holding mic

Potawatomi Casino

Milwaukee, WI 5/13/06

2006 was my first “Potawatomi” experience. The photo is my favorite because it shows how much emotion Rick conveys when he performs.  I met Rick at a sound check later that year, and he autographed the inside of my photo album. When he saw the photo, he asked  where it was taken and  stated that he really liked it. Whenever I look at the photo, it brings back memories of a special moment spent with Rick.

Darla Gerken

standing cool



River Rock Casino

Richmond, BC Canada  6/17/06

This is my favorite Rick picture, it was taken during the encore when Rick was singing "Wasted", a song I love.  He was having guitar troubles and kept throwing  the different guitars back to George N.  He ended up singing most of the song "guitarless".  Why I love this photo so much?  I think because it looks like he is standing right in front of me....it shows how Rick doesn't even have to try to be cool....even just standing there,  he is the epitome of cool!

Susan Fortune


pick in mouth


Fraze Pavilion

Kettering, OH 5/31/2002

I love this photo simply because it's different and it shows Rick's playful side.  This trip to Ohio was one of my first RickTrips.  DaMan was still performing Efx in Vegas and only went out on the road for concerts when Efx went "dark".  None of these concerts took place anywhere near us here in NJ, so hubby and I decided to "hit the road".  We loved the Fraze Pavilion.  It's a beautiful outdoor amphitheater.  If it wasn't for Rick and our love of his shows, we probably never would have visited a place like Kettering or any of the other wonderful spots on the map that we've gotten to see over the past 10 years of RickTripping. 

Stacey Hofman


guitar on lap




Mixfest (Sound Check)

 Denver, CO 8/18/06



There were very few people, all who'd never been in this setting and were timid, so not much of Rick's time was taken. After he was alone putting the peace sticker on his guitar, I captured this shot of Rick being Rick before a show. No one to entertain, just making his guitar unique as he does. It  looked like a peaceful moment for him.


Bredt Butler


 rose in teeth

The Pageant - St. Louis, MO 11/16/2002

I'd never seen Rick perform live until the year 2002.  So it was a real treat to be able to travel that year to see him in concert for only the second time in my life.  I knew about the rose explosions he did.  I'd  already gotten quite a few photos from the left side of the stage. So I worked my way over to the right side of the stage to get band pictures, thanks to a nice fan who let me stand in her spot against the stage to take photos for a minute.  During this time, he pulled this Gomez Addams pose with the rose in his teeth!   Of all the shows I've been fortunate enough to attend over the years, this show remains one of my favorites.    

Mufi Hayes

bending over




The Borgota

Atlantic City, NJ 10/4/05

This was the first show I actually traveled to and stayed over by myself. I have great memories from this show. I made some incredible friends on this trip. I just love the lighting in this one. 

Rosie Malthaner

rick & george


Potawatomi Casino

Milwaukee, WI 5/2008


The shot was taken this year in Milwaukee.  This was my 5th year in a row going to Milwaukee, and I wouldn't want to miss it!!!  It's no longer, just about Rick.  It's getting back to close friends who I haven't seen in a year. 

Teresa Chyzie


holding umbrella


Frederick Brown Jr. Amphitheater

Peachtree, GA 7/29/06


I love this photo because Rick risked life, limb and electrocution to give us the "Human Touch". During intermission, a huge thunder and lightning storm came up and lasted about 45 minutes. When Rick finally came out it was still raining and we were all soaked. Our Hero said, "I'm coming out there, I just need an umbrella so I don't electrocute myself". Voila, umbrella and one of the best shows I have ever seen. P.S. when he got back on stage there was smoke coming off of him and he goes "Is that me, I'm smokin"! But just look at that smile, Rick had a blast too.

Dawn (The GA Girl) Harford

purple background




Green Valley Ranch Casino

Henderson, NV 06/09/07 

This is a favorite because Rick had asked me at a later sound check to send in a copy to the website. What an honor. The pose is one I'd seen before, but tried and true, it looks good. GVR has become one of my favorite venues for their lighting. I got so many good shots during this night that it was hard to pick just one. Others are clearer but this one has that special something that Rick attached when he gave me a compliment on it.  

Patti Mullen

bare chest hug



House of Blues

Chicago, IL 6/22/07



It is one of my favorites, cause I love "SHIRTLESS ENCORES" !!!


Cyndi O'Hora


rick in spotlight

Ford Community Art Center

Dearborn, MI  2/23/08


I love this photo highlighting Rick because this concert will forever be THE highlight of my 40th birthday week! It was my first time seeing Rick again since my last concert in Toronto in 1983. I was so excited after attending the sound check, and could barely contain my excitement later at the concert. I was 14 all over again!! To see Rick come out into the audience was such a thrill and the way the spotlight caught his image here was magical....just like my Ricksperience that evening!! 

Joanne Orr

wearing lei


Wildhorse Saloon

Nashville, TN  9/14/07

This was Rick's first visit to Nashville's Wildhorse Saloon, my first visit to Nashville, too.  Rick was standing near my table after I "leied" him, he was dripping sweat down on me!  WOW!  This photo is now part of my photo gallery on my refrigerator! 

 Jackie Jackson




hand on cheek


Harrah's Cherokee Pavilion

Cherokee, NC  6/21/08


I don't know why, but I just love this photo I took of Rick at the Cherokee sound check.  Maybe because it shows him so relaxed, all of us just sitting around there talking and laughing. He is just gorgeous! 

Mary Miller



red guitar



Spirit Mountain Casino

Grand Ronde, OR  7/12/07 

This picture is my favorite for a few reasons. First and foremost, it brings back memories of a fun road trip down to Oregon spending time with good friends. I think the blue sky is a lovely backdrop, and Rick was wearing one of my favorite shirts here.  It's also my favorite because I succeeded in getting a "rockstar" pose not only away from the microphone, but between the staircase railings, which were in-between Rick and my camera whenever he would go to the other side of the stage. You can still see them here, but they almost serve as a frame, so I left them in. Good times! 

Suzy Guttormson


close face shot



Ruth Eckerd Hall

Clearwater, FL 9/15/07

I had my new camera one week and still didn’t know all the bells and whistles yet.  So I was playing around and zoomed in, when he looked directly in my lens, I melted! Clean up on aisle 4!  I still don’t know how I actually clicked the shutter.

 Terry Bell



arm behind head


Stone Pony

Asbury Park, NJ  9/13/03

This is one of my favorite photos as Rick was playing in a club that was known for it's up and rising stars including Bruce Springsteen. Rick sang/played a snippet of “Bruce” for that very reason. I was there with my sister and some of my close friends. It was a small venue that allowed us to be right by the stage. We all really enjoyed ourselves and so did Rick and the guys while they were onstage.

Jean Allmond

laugh & point


Ford Community Art Center

Dearborn, MI  2/23/08

My sister was holding up a sign with a picture of a cruise ship on it and the words "can't wait to cruise with you Rick", and I snapped this picture just as he read it. Needless to say, we were both so excited! I have made many friends through the Rick community and enjoy my time with them just as much as I do seeing Rick and the band! This is a wonderful family we have here and I look forward to meeting more of you on the cruise in November!

Sue Case


open shirt



Ritacco Center

Toms River, NJ 2/14/04

This is one of my favorite photos I've taken, it was my first trip away from home and hubby sent me away on Valentines Day.  Met some wonderful Jersey girls (you know who you are). I wasn't too sure on my camera, but with the help I received at the pre-show party, I got some really good shots especially this one. I really enjoyed myself and felt so loved by my experience.  Another part that makes this a favorite...well just look at that chest and those abs :)

Jill Fahey


rick & cheese

Oneida Casino

Green Bay, WI  8/19/06

I just love the CHEESEHEAD on the man since we didn't "know his wife is from here", and a GREAT big round of happy birthday was sung. Oh yeah, did I mention THE PACKERS WERE PLAYING TOO?  I have to say the absolute best part was I made a lot of great friends and I was able to share my  (at the time 11 yr old ) daughter's 1st concert which Rick was also mine.  We met Rick in a hotel lobby and had the BEST night ever!!!!! 

Mrs. Tao  



rick turning


Event Center at Twin Rivers

Lincoln, RI  5/18/07


This not so picture perfect photo exemplifies the essence of attitude; which largely describes what my admiration for Rick is about.  From beginning to end, this show held a strange dynamic and yet this man performed with the same energy, passion, and humor we have all come to expect.  The moment I caught this photo I realized he truly loves what he does – in all the bizarreness he was able to turn it around, take it for what it was, and share a happy laugh. Who says don't follow your bliss?


Pam Geiger



fist in air





Hard Rock Casino

Biloxi, MS 11/15/07


I love this picture simply because it's RICK SPRINGFIELD, what more can I say!!  This was the first time I had seen Rick in concert in almost ten years! The concert was GREAT!  Can't wait to go back this October!


Stacey Bennett




Wildhorse Saloon

Nashville, TN 9/14/07

Rick's return to Nashville in almost 15 years, I think.  This picture was taken during Jesus Saves.  I just love the way he is leaning back and all you see is the sea of hands holding him up!  He is one trusting person!!  Definitely my favorite picture of all the hundreds I have taken. 

Tracy Poston




P.N.E. Forum

Vancouver, BC 8/27/09


In this photo Rick looks so happy because he is laughing.  I like natural photos of  Rick & the lighting during this concert was amazing.  


Rick was laughing at Kim's poster which read "You did WHAT 7 times?" ... referring to his recent promo for the show "Californication".


Heather Whittaker





Detroit River Fest

Detroit, MI  6/20/08

 I love those eyes, those dimples, that man!   

Lori Lausch




Dallas House of Blues

Dallas, TX  10/25/08

This photo shows the power that Rick puts into his performance. I love his eyes, the tension in his muscles, his shirt soaked half through, and the way his tattoo glows - he is so beautiful. Earlier that day I attended my first sound check, met some great fans from the message boards, and met Rick for the first time ever. It was the day I had dreamed of, but thought would never happen, since I was 12 years old. The picture brings back the excitement of the concert, my awe of being close to Rick at sound check, and my enormous gratitude to Rick for all that he has given me through his music.

 Shelly Reigh



Busch Gardens

Williamsburg, VA  7/20/08

This was taken at Busch Gardens in VA, July '08...the heat was horrible, 99° that day. But that doesn't stop Rick from looking oh, so sexy!

To this day, this is one of my fav photos I have taken of him. His eyes just look so intense!

Mary Miller




Grand Casino Mille Lacs

Onamia, MN  11/8/08

Rick has such a sense of humor; I knew he would appreciate using my “Blow Up Rick” doll (BUR) as a prop, so I took him into the concert. He had BUR sing DTTS and it was very cute! 

Cindy Huebner




Comerica Theater

Phoenix, AZ 7/19/14

I love this photo because he was looking right at me!  

Lisa Steen


Kewadin Casino

Sault Ste. Marie, MI 3/21/13


My husband, Andy took it on March 21, 2013 at Kewadin Casino in Sault Ste. Marie, MI, during "I've Done Everything For You".   It is my favorite because it appears as though Rick is going to leap right out of the picture. And because of the expression on his face.  

Missy Evans


Rams Head Center Stage

Hanover, MD 6/12/14

This is one of my favorite photos from this year (Hanover, MD in June).  While it isn’t very sharp, it does catch the rose decapitation in action.  And Rick looks like he still enjoys doing it for fans for the 10,000th time.  Lastly, I think the outstretched hand in the foreground symbolizes the undying fervor of the fans; they still love the rose decapitation . . . and him.  Oh, and gotta love the stickers on the guitar. 

 Karen Wheeler



Centennial Terrace

Sylvania, OH  8/8/10

Out of all the photos my husband, Mike has taken of Rick, this is my all time favorite.  I love this look on Rick, (the facial hair) it makes him look "God like".  When we attended a sound check recently we had him autograph the photo. Rick got excited when he saw it.  Told my husband that he had a "good eye".  He probably was thinking "what a handsome devil I am"!

Darla Gerken





House of Blues

Dallas, TX 9/8/13

I love this picture because it looks like he is really flying.  It also is a good representation of the youth and energy he brings to a show. I wish you could see both his face and his feet, but maybe next time :-)

Renata Hearn



Sioux Falls Arena - Ribfest

Sioux Falls, SD 5/30/14

Love his eyes in this pic, that's why it's my favorite!! 

Heather Baker

Golden Nugget Casino
Atlantic City, NJ 11/29/14

I probably have taken thousands of pictures of this beautiful man. This, by far, is the most touching and my favorite out of them all. With his dad's image in the background, at the end of "My Father's Chair", the love he has for his dad and how much he misses him is captured in one shot. With every show, I brace myself for this song knowing that during it, he will touch our heart on how he misses his dad even more every day.

Michelle Tuma



Keswick Theater - Sound check

Glenside, PA 12/13/13


Playing "Honeymoon in Beirut"

 Judy Brandt











Meadowbrook Music Festival

Detroit, MI 8/10/07


My husband,

Dave Forester took the picture.


Sandy Forester



Florida Theater

Jacksonville, FL 9/26/13

My favorite awesome photo of Rick I took playing with Silly String!

Sandy Rance






Buffalo Bill's Resort Casino

Primm, NV 6/14/14



As Rick autographed this pic, he asked who took it. When I told him it was me, taken with my I-Phone, he said he really liked it.


Lotus Leong



Iron City Grille

Birmingham, AL 9/21/14


It's my favorite because of the classic fist pump and the Army guitar. And, because he's shirtless, of course ;-)


Sandra Hunter


Rushmore Plaza Civic Theater

Rapid City, SD 4/26/14


This is one of my favorites. He is singing "My Father's Chair". I love to watch him sing this song. All the raw emotion that comes through, gets me every time.


Paula Damico





Borgata Casino

Atlantic City, NJ 10/1/05


This photo was taken in 2005 at the Borgata in Atlantic City. I brought my daughter and she had a blast. It was very special to us because my mother had passed away two months prior. My daughter seeing her mother act crazy brought a smile to her face.  This photo was taken when I ran to the front of the stage and snuck a pic.

Elizabeth Schmincke



Turning Stone Casino

Verona, NY 10/18/13


October 28, 2013...the day before my birthday, so Rick was my present last year!


Denise Carpenter



Hard Rock Casino

Biloxi, MS 9/27/13

It is my favorite because this was my first "Human Touch"!!

Tina Coleman



Chastain Park Amphitheater

Atlantic City, NJ 6/28/14


I took this photo at my very first sound check/meet & greet in June. I was taking pictures and, of course, I had the camera focused on Rick. I was looking at my camera screen and all of sudden Rick is smiling at ME!  I quickly snapped a photo. I took a lot of fantastic photos that day, but this one is one of my very favorites.


Katie Sheppard




Western Illinois University

Macomb, IL 9/12/14


I love this photo for a couple reasons.  One, I was in the freaking front row for the first time EVER!!!!!!  And two, you could see that he was having the time of his life!!!!!


Denise Mroczek






Fantasy Spring Casino

Indio, CA 2/16/14


My first sound check lasted almost 3 hrs!  Like an out-of-body experience.


Shelly Wallace





Hershey Theater

Hershey, PA 1/25/13

This is my favorite because he has that "I am up to something look" on his face! And he just looks so darn sexy, but when doesn't he! 

Michelle Teter



Century Casino

Calgary Alberta, Canada 8/25/12

I love it because I snapped it right at his very best laughing during DTTS. It’s just him being him and I now have a copy of it autographed by him framed, and I also gave him a copy of it too since it ended up on Facebook and he didn’t know and I thought he should have a copy of it.

Cecilia Scott






WTIC Second Chance Prom

Cromwell, CT - 6/17/04



This was literally my view for this concert. No zoom!  The show was in a banquet style room. No tables or chairs. Everyone was pressed to the stage that was only about belly button high. Absolutely my BEST seat yet for a Rick show!!!


Coleen Mason














Golden Nugget Casino

Atlantic City, NJ 11/29/14


My favorite picture because it just SCREAMS: "ROCK STAR!"

Erica Jacoby


Crystal Grand Theater

Wisconsin Dells, WI 7/26/13

One of my favorite shots of Rick showing us his tender side, at the end of "My Father's Chair".

Missy Evans




Golden Nugget Casino

Atlantic City, NJ 11/29/14


I love this photo because..........um, did you see the subject matter.........enough.

Sue Fajen




Odawa Casino

Petoskey, MI 9/7/12


I was "face-timing" my friend, Gloria during the show and he walked up to my phone and pointed. I told him to say "hi", so he did. 


Pat Keys-Guziak



Club Med

Port St. Lucie, FL 11/2013


I love the combo of lighting they used, the roses in the air, and the satisfied look on his face. Rick liked this photo, so that makes it all the more special to me:)


Doreen Harkema


Turning Stone Casino

Verona, NY 3/27/08


Love this photo because his expression is almost ethereal as he stares off into the distance. And, love those eyes.


Donna Tregoe

Bold Sphere at Champion Square

New Orleans, LA 6/23/16

To me this is a perfect photo of the man at work! Rick was so sick at this concert, his voice would cut out on him while trying to sing. He kept pushing through and cracking jokes, but I could see he did not feel well at all. We all know he never wants to disappoint his fans, so it was on with the show. He usually moves sooo much that getting a good shot is nearly impossible. But that night, he slowed down a lot and this was the result. Still looks amazing!

Rhonda Meeks

Bold Sphere at Champion Square

New Orleans, LA 6/23/16

Even sick as a working class dog, he has a smile on his face and looks like he's having a good time!

Rhonda Meeks

Florida Theater

Jacksonville, FL 3/2/17


I took this picture of Rick Springfield cause he is awesome on the stage, singing his heart and I just love it.  And he looks awesome too!


Patricia Williams





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