Don't Walk Away

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I need to say, I am not crazy about Rick's hair in this...I guess I'm just not big on 80's hair in general.  Loved the head mic, I kind of wish he'd wear one more now, and not just when he goes off stage.  I only in the last year or so actually realized what a really good guitar player Rick is, and I've been asking myself why I never really noticed this before and after watching this video I think I know why.  He seemed to use it more as a prop than a musical instrument a lot of the time.  So maybe that's the impression I carried with me.  He seems to actually play it more now.
Don't Walk Away:
Rick really needs to have a guitar in his hands
guitar enters the picture, love the way it starts out with him sitting on the speaker, he made the guitar look weightless (hey, I wonder if he could do that for me).  Loved the way he slapped on the guitar with his palm, loved it when he was down on his knees.
Living in Oz:
It was kind of weird to hear this song so early in the show, so used to hearing it during the encore now.  He still does that same move of pointing to his head/brain during the "dreams of grandeur" line.  He wasn't much of a guitar thrower back then as far as getting them off the stage, he used to slide them across.
Affair of the Heart:
Loved the way he did the back bend while hanging on the mic.  He did a very similar move during the video for the song when he was standing in front of the girl.
Human Touch:
Interesting use of the "ET" symbolism.  I liked the way he was wearing the video outfit during the show, and definitely liked the opening pose.  Anyone else notice the "pole lean" he did?  It wasn't on a pole, but something similar.  And Apparently, he's always had a violent attitude toward Roses because he takes one from someone and he kicked it.  If only he'd had a guitar in his hand, he may have started the whole rose explosion thing a decade earlier.


My Father's Chair:
Very Touching.  I remember seeing him perform this song in concert on the piano, it was very touching then, too
Jessie's Girl:
Loved the interaction between Rick and Tim Pierce.  He really made this song hot, which I guess can be an important thing to do when you know you are performing a song that you know is possibly overplayed on the radio, you gotta shoot some life into it somehow and he definitely does that. The way he says "it feels so dirty" and then when he's down on his knees behind Tim.  He actually throws the guitar up in the air at the end of the song and catches it!
Bop til you drop:
I wonder where Jack White was during this tour.......Rick has a portable hand mic, not sure what prompted that change.  Seemed to be having fun riding that machine.  I don't remember seeing that at the show I went to.
Interesting to see this song with no cell phones.  Then when he does the "baby don't" while he's on is
Love Somebody:
He starts it off "a not so wise man once said"......give yourself a little credit Rick. 
Wow.....Wow......someone needs to remind him of this particular performance and see if he can recreate it.  Starts the song off crawling on his hands and knees up to the mic.  Great performance of this song.  The one thing that I found just a little cheesy was the "smell of the skin" move where he put the two fingers under his nose.
Stand Up:
What a great song to end the show with.  Loved it when he kind of did the splits.  And the song ended with that great smile. - rlh


Living in Oz

Affair of the Heart



Human Touch

My Father's Chair

Jessie's Girl



Bop Til You Drop

Don't Talk to Strangers

Love Somebody




Stand Up