Directed by David Fincher

According to Rick, the basic concept of the video was "keep the workers nullified so they can keep doing their work, and the revolt of the working class against the ruling class."

When comparing this video to Human Touch, he said "it was the total opposite, HT was a very clean looking video, clean on the inside with a very infected outside and that BTYD was infected inside as well."

Rick seemed very excited about this video because of David Fincher who had something to do with "Jedi"......was directing it.

Rick's character within the video is the rebel who frees the working class.

About the song he says "it's a fun song, it's a....I have no idea...I wrote it in Tahiti so....I was out of my mind, I had no idea...."  They phoned him telling him they needed an extra song for the movie....."so I was sitting on the beach after touring for 6 months, and was just out of my head, just relaxing, and what came out of it was I felt I'd been working too hard....if you want to know the heart to heart of it, the deep part of it, I was working incredibly hard and was letting the real side of my life denigrate and that's what the song is's about me although I don't' wear makeup on a regular basis" (this was before EFX :-P)...."it's just letting the whole game of work become more than a game, it's just not that serious of a song, so we thought we'd have fun with it in the video...."

The song that is playing during the video, is a remix of the song that was on the soundtrack...