(Music & Lyrics by Charles Sandford)

You know my feelings run deep
You've got me calling your name in my sleep
We've held each other while we cried through the night
It always turned out alright

But I fell victim to a parallax view
I sensed a change but I swore it was you
I shied away when you needed me most
Didn't see what I was doing, now I'm left destitute

I never knew how lost I could be 'til today
My panorama's dark, my sight's been stripped away
I can't seem to bridge this break between us two
Don't you know I need you back now, baby
Can't you see I'm still crazy for you

We've thrived in shadows from scene to scene
My mind still wanders to the Tavern On The Green
We lived for moments that we stole away
They seem as vivid today

We had our problems, when we hadn't the time
You clung to yours and I did to mine
Didn't I see how they tore us apart
Now I'm a banished refugee
There's nothing left for me

I never knew how lost I could be 'til today
My panorama's dark, my sight's been stripped away
I can't seem to bridge this break between us two
Don't you know I need you back now, baby
Can't you see I'm still crazy for you

I never knew how lost I could be 'til today
My panorama's dark, my sight's been stripped away
I can't seem to bridge this break between us two
Don't you know I need you back now, baby
Can't you see I'm still crazy for you
Still crazy for you, still crazy for you
I'm so crazy for you, still crazy for you

(total playing time 3:56)


This song appears on the following releases:
Success Hasn't Spoiled Me Yet,  Calling All Girls - Romantic Collection and Legendary

Footnote - background picture was taken in Puylallup, WA on 11/22/02. (hey, he looks kind of crazy in the picture!)


  According to US

I have always loved this song! To me, it is the ultimate "break-up- wanna-get-back-together" song. The beginning and ending to this song has a very unique sounding guitar and it sorta makes this song stand out from the rest of the songs on this album because of that.

I sometimes want to cry when I hear this song because of the passion and desperation in Rick's voice, especially in the line, "I need you BACK now baby" and he stresses the word "back". It just sounds so
fierce and I think that is part of the reason I want to listen to this song over and over. The best thing, for me, about listening to
Rick's music for so many years, is that when I was younger (although
I loved his music and his songs) I really didn't "get" them then, and
now as an adult having been through relationships and now being
married, I can "rediscover" them and their true meanings. It is awesome to be able to to re-live all of his older music and understand what he was trying to bring across to us, especially in this song. Amy L

I never EVER would have guessed that Rick did NOT write this song in a million years! I find this song really is 'in the style of Rick Springfield'. From the soft melodic music to the lyrics and what they discuss, that theme of wanting back a love he lost or let go...someone he just cannot get over.

His voice is so magical and compliments this song nicely. He puts an inflection in all of the right spots in JUST the right way! You hear his desperation and heart break. The
loneliness in this song hangs over your head like a black cloud. I think the 'Tavern on the Green' is in NYC, but Rick sings this song as if he was there and experienced all of those memories for himself. 

Even the lyrics that Charles Sanford wrote strike me as the words Rick would chose to use in this song. Again, I think this is likely a song he must be able to relate to on a personal level based on his own life experiences and how he sings the song with passion and truly makes it his own. It is a beautiful piece of work, and I am left feeling like a big pile of mush...until I look at the picture in the background on the library lyrics page. He DOES look INSANE it that picture, and once again, all is right in my head! haha

It wasn't until I went to review this song that I noticed that this one was not written at all by Rick. When people are talking about all the interesting words Rick uses in his songs "parallax" always comes up, so I've just always thought he wrote this one. Wow. 

Anyway, I love this song. I am particularly drawn to the line "I never knew how lost I could be 'til today". I don't know how many people have ever dealt with depression, but there's days you wake up and you just feel sad, and you have no idea why. Whenever I get that way, I like to listen to songs that actually make me cry, because at least then you know why you're crying, and this is one of those songs I've played in the past when I'm going through that. - rlh

This is one of my all time favorite Rick songs! It was some time before I even realized that Rick didn't write this song. How that little piece of info slid by me back then, I'll never know. I was so wrapped up in the music, Rick and his voice…I must not have cared! It was in black and white on the cassette info, but I still missed that fact. Maybe it was because this is a song that sounds like a Rick song. Of all the covers Rick has ever done, this one feels the most like his writings than any of them. I think it might be due to the `parallax view' line. That just seems like something Rick would come up with! I mean, how clever a line is THAT?

What a beautiful love song about missing the one you love. I still to this day go into `swoon mode' when I hear this song! I can recall endless bedroom sessions of crying to this song. It was another of those songs for me that I'd play (like What Kind Of Fool Am I?) when I was miserable and needed comfort. I listened to it repeatedly anyway…but add a broken heart and this one was played literally non-stop. It had a healing power to it. It still does, but in a different way, as I'm at a really happy point in life now. I dare say this is my favorite track from SHSMY. (maybe….since there are several other gems on the album as well!)

The opening music sets the stage for what's to come. I'm HOOKED with the first verse *sigh*---"you know my feelings run deep, you've caught me calling your name in my sleep. We've held each other while we cried through the night. It always turned out alright." Wow. Wow. Wow. Now again…I know Rick didn't write this song, but the lyrics and the sentiment behind them are so "him." He only adds to the words with his amazing vocals and the passion and feeling he puts in them. The boy is a master at bringing emotion to his vocals! I hear this song and I just want to grab him and hug him! LOL (especially with words like `destitute' and lines like, "now I'm a banished refugee, there's nothing left for me.") I would love to know what went through his mind when he discovered this song and decided to cover it. I'm guessing he must have been experiencing a lot of what the song is talking about. 

I don't know what I like best, as all of it is good, the verses or the chorus. I especially love how Rick's vocals sound in the chorus---"I never knew how lost I could be `til today. My panorama's dark my sight's been stripped away." That is likely the coolest line in the song for me. Throughout the chorus his voice flows smoothly, up and down, from highs to lows. Just beautiful! (and he says he can't sing! RIGHT!) The last time he sings the chorus he sounds more urgent and emotional---"Don't you know I need you back now baby, can't you see…I'm still crazy for you." 

This really is a sad song from Rick's book of music. The man who wrote this song was a wreck. He's remembering all the good times they had---"my mind still wanders to the Tavern on the Green" and "they seem as vivid today." Isn't that usually what we do when we're missing someone? I tend to reminisce about the good times. Their problems came between them---"did not see how they tore us apart. Now I'm a banished refugee, there's nothing left for me." Heartbreaking! He wants desperately to patch things up between them---"I can't seem to bridge this break between us two." I'd like to think this song is at the top of Rick's covers that he `wishes he'd written.' He totally topped off the album when he recorded this song. 

The song also ends beautifully with background vocals and Rick coming in singing "still crazy for youuu." The synthesizers are a great addition to this song, and I feel this IS a synth song anyway. The music ends in a perfect note of keyboards fading off. 

I would LOVE to see this song live. I'm thinking it might be almost as moving and sweet as Inside Sylvia. - Kelley Pearson

I was surprised when I realized Rick didn't write this song. It just seems so like a Rick song with all the anguish and longing and pain. Maybe Charles Sandford is a pen name? lol Rick really sings this song like he wrote it. All of the emotion is so strong in his voice. I like the music also. I think this song was a nice addition to this album and really the only one that was written by someone else that I like. Elizabeth S.