If Wishes Were Fishes

(Written by Rick Springfield)

I'd wish for no more wars

To silence the guns

For all your troubles to be little ones

For every child in the world to eat their fill

With a guardian angel on each window sill


I'd wish for the wealth to be spread around

Every soul when they pass to be heaven bound

And after I'd wished for all that crap I'd seen

If maybe I could wish a thing or two for me


I wish my neighbor would choke on his yappy dog

Wish I could pick my relatives from a catalog

The hot girl next door would tan wearing nothing but a smile

Howdee neighbor!


Wish I could get that knighthood from the queen

I wish folks would quit calling me Rick Springsteen

I wish the IRS would permanently misplace my file


I wish the starter in my damn Corvette would work

I wish I'd never seen Miley Cyrus twerk

Why does everybody seem so real and I feel like a fraud

I wish that we were all equal in the eyes of God


If wishes were fishes I wouldn't smell so sweet

There'd be a million dead fish lying at my feet

I wish and I wish to make my life complete

I wanna drink from that wishing cup

But real life steps in to screw it up


I wish every God damn body would learn to drive and stop cutting me off on Interstate 5

And I wish Scarlett Johansson would give me a call....



Wish money flowed like the falls at Niagara

Wish I'd quit getting e-mails for cheap Viagara


I wish there was someway, somehow I could have it all

Wish I was 21 again, let the good times roll

My only worry back then was "does she have birth control?"


I'm not a doctor but I played one on TV

Paging Dr. Noah Drake

And I'd be happy to take a look for free


If wishes were fishes we wouldn't smell too good

With a bunch of dead fish around the neighborhood

I'm not the only one who wishes cause this is Hollywood, where all your freaky shit comes true

And maybe a wish or two


Wish every politician wasn't a self-serving dick

Wish I hadn't googled Anthony Weiner's weiner

Was our government hit with a stupid stick?


I wish honest Abe Lincoln was still our president

But I'd settle for Jesus or Clark Kent


If wishes were fishes the whole world would eat

But we'd all be sick of fish by the end of week


I got a sneakin suspicion I'm not the only freak

who's wishing for blind dumb luck and get nothin here


What the fuck?

What the fuck?

What the fuck?


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