Radio Clips


KBBY 6/14/16: Scott Alexander interviews Rick

103.3 6/13/16: Interview prior to Kalamzoo, MI show

WMAL 3/3/16:

WDRK Nov 2013: Wisconsin Radio Interview

Magic 95.1 Fort Wayne 7/28/10: Barb Richards interviews Rick

Sirius  12/24/07 - Part 1: Mark Goodman talks to Rick about Christmas With You, and a bunch of other things.
Sirius  12/24/07 - Part 2
Sirius  12/24/07 - Part 3

Sirius  12/24/07 - Part 4

Sirius  12/24/07 - Part 5

Sirius  12/24/07 - Part 6

Sirius  12/24/07 - Part 7

Sirius  12/24/07 - Part 8

Majic 95.1 Fort Wayne 8/22/08: Super Fan Darla Gerken (rs.us web assistant) helps conduct the interview.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

WBBQ 104.3  8/26/08:  Rick talks with Murphy, Sam & Jodi

WKTI 94.5 Milwaukee 8/20/08: Rick calls a fan at work

KS95 St. Paul/Minneapolis 8/13/08: Interview

KYIS  98.9 Oklahoma  8/08:  Interview with Jack & Ron

Rick on WNIC 100.3  8/8/08: Talks about VIO and family

WOMX 105.1 FM Scott & Erica Orlando, FL 8/07/08: Interview

KZZP KISS 104.7 Phoenix 7/30/08: Interview (16 minute)

WPLJ 12/21/07 (part 1): Rick promotes Christmas With You
WPLJ 12/21/07 (part 2):
Rick promotes Christmas With You

KOFM  8/17/07: Rick Springfield surprises couple on the radio (Australia)

Star 98.7 7/24/07: In Studio Interview, Rick promotes Gibson Amphitheatre show, and talks about Christmas With You

WLS 890 AM - The Roe Conn Show 5/11/07: Rick promotes his show at the House of Blues in Chicago (10 minute interview)

Mix 96.5  Houston 10/05/06, Part 1: Rick promotes his show in Stafford.  DJ's have a good time with Rick
Mix 96.5  Houston 10/05/06, Part 2:
Interview continues

WMYX Milwaukee 2/03/06: Rick promotes his 5 night concert run in Milwaukee

94.5 The Buzz, Houston Radio transcript 2/2/06: Radio transcript from Rick's interview on The Buzz

Rick on Sirius Big Icons: Rick played a whole concert on Sirius radio on 7/29/05. Each song was interspersed with fan questions and commentary. Due to space constraints, we've uploaded here only the Q and A portions of the concert. Nine parts.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9


Rick on Jones Radio/Lifetime Radio: Rick Springfield Day on Jones Radio was July 28. Hear three parts of his revealing talks with Gunnar and Donna here.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Rick on CHUM FM: Rick called into Ingrid Schumacher's Lost 80's Luncheon Toronto's CHUM FM while readying himself for his first Ontario concert date in...uh...decades. A nice interview heavy on the current stuff and not ONE MENTION OF GH! Way to go Ingrid!

Rick on WPLJ 8/23/04:
Rick granted an interview to PLJ's Race Taylor on his birthday this year. This great clip features promo for the upcoming Rye Playland show as well as hints of future acting gigs. You gotta listen to it to believe it. Thanks to Joanne Suriano for creating and donation of the clip.

Rick on Minnesota's Z99: Listen to a five minute interview with Z99 in Northern Minnesota. The interviewers, Jack and Melissa, delve into Rick's passion for smashing guitars, Rick's active fan base (Rick responds wiht great enthusiasm!) and his previous Moondance Jam performances. Enjoy! Thanks to Susan Reasner for the donation of the clip.

Rick on Baltimore's WWMX: Not to be confused with Dayton's WMMX, this Baltimore station had a great, introspective interview with Rick. Origins of the music on SDAA and high praise for the fan frenzy that surrounds him. Thanks to Tracey Hawkins for supplying the clip to share.

Rick on Toledo Star 105: OK, this guy is a MAJOR Rick Springfield fan. What fun to listen to an interview that sounds like you could have been the one talking. Radio mix of Beautiful You is played. Thanks to Lisa Caughhorn for the original file to convert.

Rick Springfield on Cincinnati's Warm 98:
Alright, Amy's excited about Rick on hometown radio. A great interview including local fans Pam and Alane (Hi Guys!) questions to Rick about acting, the record and a possible Beautiful You vid. Hear the changes in Beautiful You on the short clip.

Jeff Stevens from WMMX Interview: WMMX loves Rick, and Jeff Stevens is a big fan. This is evident in his great handle on Rick knowledge. You won't hear any General Hospital questions here. Sticks to the topic at hand, the album, it's evolution and related matters. A terrific listen.

Magic 94.9 in Tampa: Chadd and Kristi interview Rick to promote his upcoming show there. The convo runs the gamut from his fave career moment, to politics and where the inspiration of his songs comes from. A pretty insightful little clip.

KFME, Kansas City: A highly energetic and supportive interview with their morning crew. Rick talks about the origins of the album and sticks pretty closely to topics of today and not the past. The DJs instruct everyone to go see Rick live and get the CD. AWESOME!

Washington 104 Radio Interview: Hear about the secret stalker on staff there, Rick talking about the origin of the CD, "Gary's Girl", the CEO of his record company and more.

Interview with Z99.5 Radio: Listen to Rick chat it up with fans and the DJs at Indy's 99.5. Discussions range from writing the new CD, the shock street team, his son's band and his favorite Indy experience.

Star 98.7 Interview Part One: Hear Rick play guest DJ on Star 98.7 in LA. Hilarious plugs of the album, praises for the Street Team and giveaways. Will I? played on this one. Great fun!

Star 98.7 Interview Part Two: Rick talks about Jessie's Girl ringtones, his dog locked in the car, and "driving a hook into the ground" with Don't Talk To Strangers.

2/11 Interview on WPLJ, NYC: Recorded and broadcast live in New York City on WPLJ, this interview features acoustic performances of Beautiful You and Will I from the new disc, as well as Jessie's Girl. Rick discusses the new CD and a host of other topics. NOTE: Clip is a very large clip as the interview lasted fifteen minutes. Please be patient with delays especially if you are working from a dialup connection.

Rick talks to Chicago Radio: OK so maybe it's not video but you'll want to revisit Rick's interview with WNND in Chicago by listening to these clips.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3