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  Ricktopia.com served Rick Springfield fans from 1999 to 2003 by creating a fan based website where fans drove the content. Contests and charity were hallmarks of the great energy created on their site. We proudly retains some of what made Ricktopia.com such a great place to visit on the web. To Tracey, Kristi, Kris and Paula, our many thanks for your hard work and dedication over the years. 

And Rick always wondered "How Do You Talk To Girls?"...... Well, come and see what we found out from talking to some pretty awesome guys and ladies for that matter! Brand NEW interviews with Jac Holland, Jackie Zeman, George Bernhardt, Tod Goldberg, Maggie Brandon, Tina Walsh, Packy, Joan Van Ark, Lee Goldberg, Ronnie Grinel, Derek Hilland, Keith Howland, Lance Morrison, Sal Salangsang, Dave Whiston, Timothy Drury, Doug Davidson and a review of The Mustard Seeds are now on Ricktopia.com! You'll be surprised to find out how hard at work these people have been and a bunch of other neat stuff! They are pretty funny and very insightful! Simply click HERE to enjoy!

Guitar tabs were one of the many great things that were found only on Ricktopia.com. You can check out the fan donated tabs right here in our Ricktopia archives.

Ricktopia.com was honored to have had the pleasure of working with Marni O'Doherty. Being able to house her truly magnificent work on "Marni's Corner", has been and will always be an incredibly important page of the site. Again, we thank her for sharing herself and her remarkable talent. -- You'll be immensely missed by all Marni. God Bless...