Release Date: 10/09/94
Cast: Rick Springfield, Andrea Roth, Geordie Johnson,
Stephanie Beacham, Ian Richardson
Director: Donna Deitch
Categories: Romance/Drama
Filming Location:  Canada
Running Time: 90 minutes
Rick's Character name: Philip Claremont

Synopsis:  Kim Jameson, an art history major, poses as her twin sister, Kate Jameson aka Dominique a model for the House of Shambertin in Paris. Kate has an alcohol problem, so agrees to go into rehab if Kim will take her place. Kim finds herself in a mess, having to deal with blackmail, and at the same time fighting her feelings for one of the owners, Philip Clairmont.


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Once I dug out this tape and watched it after what seemed like ages since the first time, I needed to watch it again...and then one more time for good measure. I kept meaning to take notes, and when the movie started I would jot things down - and then Rick would enter the scene. Then the movie was over, and heck if I didn't write anything down! So, rewind...start again...sigh. It's sickening how that man turns me into an airhead! It's also maddening because he's not even singing in this one!

There was a few things that I found hard to believe. First, I am not convinced that "Dominique" had a drug/alcohol problem. If she did, she was the most put-together person who has hit bottom, ever. These twins acted like she was just going on a vacation at a spa, not some 12-step rehab / dry-out facility. A more believable story would've been just that, that Kate just needed a vacation, but she never had the time because of her career. It would've been much more interesting to the storyline also, if Kim did not have any coaching beforehand and just tried to play catch-up when she got to Paris and/or France or wherever the hell they were "supposed" to be. I should post a disclaimer here that I do not read Harlequin novels, they are too neat, too happy-ending for me. I love Stephen King, Dean Koontz, John Grisham. Now if Dominique was a serial killer...LOL

The second thing that I hated was the whole, "I hate my mother for leaving my father when I was a kid". cliche'. Thank goodness that lasted for only like 10 minutes of the whole movie time. That and the fact they didn't say what Mimi had a boy, girl, a puppy??? Good thing it was a quick labor however, and twinnie was able to have her "romp" with Rick. (sorry, he does not look like a Philip to me) This was definitely the best part of the flick and definitely not long enough. Too much for the imagination too � can you spell more out for me next time?

Ok, ok, enough picking on the movie for now. I did like this as it would not have been something I normally would've watched, had Rick not been in it. I think this is why the sarcastic me comes out so easily, as when Rick was in the dressing room with the girl just wearing her boobs, in order to help Dominique with her necklace and give that sly smirk then saunter out. I know that probably happens at real fashion shows but sheesh, we're talking Rick Springfield here, not Calvin Klein!

Then we come to the happy ending. In 30 seconds, Rick finds out he didn't fall for the "evil" twin, and races over to find the "good" twin, and asks her to marry him. Good thing she only went to one place while in France, so he knew right where to find her. :-)

My favorite line?? Rick: Do you think you can handle getting out of your clothes by yourself? Honestly, if he uttered those words in my direction... I would've needed several takes. After they revived me the 5th or 6th time, I finally would have built up the courage to say: No, do you think you can give me a hand?? - Michelle P.


When I was in Junior High, I would read Harlequin Romances in the summer time. I liked their nice neat storylines, and their tidy little endings. I could predict within the first couple of pages who would fall in love and be together in the end, but I liked it that way. So, this movie was right up my alley.

This is probably my second favorite TV movie that Rick did (my favorite being Nick Knight).

I really liked Andrea Roth as the leading lady. Probably the most attractive actress that ever played opposite of Rick. She was a little young. My one complaint with her is I don't think she did a very good job of distinguishing between the two characters. Kim and Kate seemed way too similar and they just seemed to stick a drink in Kate's hands and dress her a little sexier to make a difference, but other than that they seemed too much alike.

Rick doesn't appear in the movie until 24 minutes into it. Not sure how he got top billing with that. I liked the story, I like that Rick plays a relatively sane, nice guy. He's very cute, I love his hair in this movie, and he dresses nice, although those pants were a little baggy and little high waisted.

Here's some highlights/comments:

*Rick plays jealous really well

*When Philip and Dominique bump into each other, the smile, then the look of displeasure - very nice

*Marie has a line - "all the charm of a cobra" - wouldn't that be "all the charm of a pit bull" :-)

*Dominique supposedly looses the 5 pounds, but her jeans fit the same

*Philip puts the necklace on Dominique, he probably thinks she's drunk, the way he looks at her neck - very nice.

*When Philip takes Dominique home, he wants the outfit back since it belongs to the company, the door doesn't shut all the way, he watches her undress, he has the cutest guilty grin on his face.

*when he comes to pick her up, he's leaning against the door in that green shirt, and says "hi"......oye

*He tries to kiss her, she stops him - what up with that??

*When Philip is showing Dominique his house, I like this line, he says "I guess what I'm asking is for you to show me my own etchings".

* When they find out Mimi and the baby are ok, Rick does his signature "fist thing"

*There's a very nice kiss, where he kisses just her upper lip. Kind of reminds me of the upside down kiss in Spiderman (that was very erotic).

*the sex scene - my oh my - Rick in boxers, her legs are wrapped around his body, the kisses, the roll around. It's really well done, without really showing anything. This movie was directed by a woman, by the way.

*She wakes up the next morning, she's in his shirt, yet he's in his shirt.

*He gets her breakfast, very romantic. Rick's eyes were especially wrinkly in this scene, it actually looked like maybe he didn't get a lot of sleep and just woke up.

*Very nice emotional scene when he tells the story about his mother. I would definitely have to put this in the Top 10 best acted scenes he's ever done.

*Jacqueline's voice seems to be dubbed, it's very weird. I guess maybe they had a French actress play her part, then when they put the movie together they probably couldn't understand her, so had to fix that.

I give this movie a 9.75

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