General Hospital
January 31, 2007

Scene 1
Patrick: What do I have to do to get a simple notation on this chart? I asked for this an hour ago. 

Epiphany: You're not even supposed to be on duty, so anything  I do for you -- regardless of how long it takes -- is a favor. A "please" or a "thank you" wouldn't be out of line. 
Noah: Everything ok here? 
Epiphany: Yeah. Dr. Drake Jr. here is just working out some personal issues with dr. Scorpio. I was just about to suggest that he take them to a shrink. 
Patrick: Epiphany gives new meaning to the word "insubordination." I should write her up. 
Noah: Oh, why don't you not do that, especially if she's right? Look, you come in here and you kick the staff because you're having problems with Robin? 
Patrick: Robin left me, all right? We're officially broken up because I'm not dealing with H.I.V. In a way that she approves of. 
Noah: What, you tested positive? 
Patrick: I don't know. That's the point -- I -- I don't want to know. 

Scene 2
Patrick: You don't have to tell me this, all right? I know I'm being a coward. I just, I -- I got a terrible feeling in my gut that it's going to be positive and I don't want to see it on paper yet. I want to hold on to the 2% of hope I have left for just a little bit longer. 
Noah: Listen, I got to hope it's more than 2%. 
Patrick: Yeah, well -- 
Noah: Maybe it's because I'm your father, all right, and maybe I don't want to, you know, hear the worst any more than you do. But, look, you -- you got to -- you got to keep your perspective here. We're doctors. We know an inconclusive test is just that -- inconclusive -- and if it's positive -- 
Patrick: Ok, look -- 
Noah: You're not going to help yourself by sticking your head in the sand, all right? Now, listen to me before you jump down my throat. Don't forget it was you who transplanted half your liver into me against my will. Keeping me alive was more important to you than -- than respecting my wishes. Well, I'm turning the tables on you. I love you, Patrick, and so does Robin. And we want you to have the best possible chance at the fullest possible life. And that means knowing what your options are and acting on them -- sooner rather than later. 

[approximately 2:05  of Noah content]

According to US

Noah always has the shortest scenes!!! But on the bright side…I am happy to say he had GREAT scenes today, even if they were short & sweet. When I saw him saunter off the elevator in those blue scrubs with the stethoscope around his neck, I wanted to scream "Hey Doc! Come check my heart. I'm having a fluttery feeling!" 

I've been anxiously awaiting some more bonding between Noah and his son. I think today's show might be a turn in the right direction for them. I think my favorite part was when Patrick was arguing out the reasons to Noah as to why he wanted to wait on his HIV test, and Noah "turned the tables" on Patrick. (call me crazy…but a noise escaped me, something like a half squeal, half "whoooo!" Yes, I tend to talk to the TV when I get really involved in a show. lol ) I am not sure WHY this thrilled me, unless it was seeing Noah really take the upper hand for a change. He talked Patrick into a corner. Now HOW could Patrick refuse re-testing when his dad reminded him of how persistent Patrick was at giving him a chance at life? I was glad he brought that point up. Patrick wouldn't hear of anything else but Noah getting well when he was in need, so now I feel it's time Patrick listens to dad. {Although….on a side note….Noah didn't actually `listen' to Patrick when he needed part of the liver. Patrick pretty much did it against Noah's wishes. Ok, so that`s beside the point!} I really like how it seemed like Noah got through to him.

I thought that entire second scene was touching. It really showed some love from Noah to Patrick. Rick is amazing at getting those emotions out there and through the screen to the viewers. Then he ends it with a nice shoulder rub (awwww!) and tells Patrick how much he loves him (and that Robin does too). Interesting to learn that Robin also fought the testing years ago. I guess she forgot that she was stubborn about it at one time too!

I'm not sure what I saw…but it appeared that Rick had on his Sahara bracelet today. I find that to be a beautiful thing on his part! I can almost see him telling the directors or refusing to them to take it off for taping. I bet he hates it enough he has to remove his earring! LOL It`s just kind of odd to me to see Rick without his earring. I guess I'm just so used to it. So today when I saw the bracelet, it was like a small piece of Rick, rather than all Noah. That bracelet has become like a new body part for him while touring. (HEY….new side story…Noah could relapse, get drunk, get his ear pierced and get a tattoo all in the same day!! ) If Noah ever has a shirtless scene (one can only HOPE! ), I don't know how they'll handle the tattoos he has. I suppose there are ways to cover one up for TV. Or it may just turn out that Noah got a few tattoos during his years away from Port Charles. 

Ok…onward…I'm ready for some more Noah! Considering that very soon there are going to be people in need of medical attention, I'm thinking/hoping that the Doc will be involved in mending everyone up over at GH. We'll see….Kelley Pearson

Patrick's HIV test comes back inconclusive and he fights Robin on the idea of getting tested again right away. Patrick is still steamed and is taking it out on Epiphany when Noah walks up. Patrick tells Noah Robin left him and he does not know if he is HIV positive. {Noah looks stunned when he hears that Robin left Patrick, perhaps more stunned than he does when he thinks Patrick might be HIV positive. But last these two saw each other they were at odds so it was good to see Noah showing concern and Patrick accepting that without rebuffing it.}

Patrick admits he is being a coward while Noah tries to console him while also trying to convince him to take the test, even using his past liver issues to his advantage. {OK banner moment here folks, seriously can we mark this down? Approximately 3:45pm EST on 1/31 and finally one of them is saying some deep and meaningful things to the other while BOTH are conscious. One for the record books! Once I got over that shock I was truly touched. They are still being themselves, Noah asks Patrick to listen before attacking him and Patrick looks like he wants to fight back initially. But it is very sweet how he talks to Patrick, actually says he loves him as he steps toward him and then puts his hand on his shoulder. And then, the crescendo, the slight rubbing of his thumb on the shoulder. Awwwww! } - Jen H.