General Hospital
December 5, 2005


Scene 1
Noah: Go away. 
Robin: Not until I say my piece. I'm Robin Scorpio. You may have known my parents, Robert and Anna. 
Noah: Yeah, I knew Robert. 
Robin: I'm a doctor. I've been living in Paris for the past few years conducting research on brain trauma and memory loss. I was called in on a case in Port Charles to try this experimental treatment, but I've hit a wall. I've read your papers on brain trauma and I know that you could help my patient.
Noah: Just in case you can't put it all together here, I don't practice medicine anymore. This is my new specialty. <he holds up a shot glass>
Robin: I think you worked with my patient's parents, Alan and Monica Quartermaine? Their son Jason was in a car accident 10 years ago. He suffered frontal lobe damage. 
Noah: Memory loss. No emotional context. 
Robin: Exactly. Now, he's suffering from transient cerebral ectopy.
Noah: From a hypo-perfused frontal cortex. 
Robin: Without surgery, Jason's prognosis is terminal. You are his last chance. 
Noah: I don't save lives anymore. 
Robin: And I don't give up. These are Jason's latest test results. At least look at them.

Scene 2
Noah: Come on in. 
Noah: Yeah, be it ever so humble. 
<Noah looks at Jason's head x-ray>
Noah: You're kidding, right? These are the x-rays of a dead man. 
Robin: It's amazing that Jason has survived this long. Maybe he's been waiting for a miracle. 
Noah: Me? You better hope that's not true. 
Robin: So what do you think?
Noah: Well, I mean, you could enter here between the lesions. 
Noah: The catch is you're going very close to this area of temporal nerves. I mean, it's tricky but doable. 
Robin: So you'll do it? You will perform the operation? 
Noah: No, I didn't say that. 
Robin: Look, I realize it's been a long time since you operated. 
Noah: It's more than that. I can't go back to Port Charles.

Scene 3
Noah: Yeah, I used to be a big deal in Port Charles -- bright future, successful career. "Top of the cream of the crop" is what dr. Hardy used to call me. He was right. 
Robin: He said, modestly. 
Noah: Neurosurgeons can't be modest. If you don't know that already, you will. Modest people don't open up somebody's skull positive they can fix the brain inside. You know what? You might be on to something. Maybe I got a little cocky. Maybe I wanted too much. I'm sorry you wasted a trip. I can't help you.
Robin: You can't or you won't?
Scene 4
Robin: You're a doctor. You took a sacred oath to help people.
Noah: And do no harm -- don't forget that one.
Robin: Oh, is that why you moved here into this hovel and trashed your career -- to drink yourself to death because you lost a patient?
Noah: Yeah, something like that.
Robin: We all lose patients, Noah. That is the heartbreak of our job. We can't let that stop us cold.
Noah: Oh, spare me the arrogance of youth, will ya? Always spouting advice on subjects you know nothing about. Have you ever lost a patient you're in love with? 
Robin: No, but I'm about to unless you help me!
Noah: I told you I can't do that.
Robin: Well, I don't accept your answer. Don't you understand that I can't? God. I am in no position to call you selfish, because my motives for being here are just that. Don't you get it? Jason's life means everything to me. I tried to help him, I tried so hard, and I failed him again! Please, please don't be the reason that I have to fail him a third and final time. Please.
Noah: <hands shaking> I don't want them to see me like this. 
Robin: Who? 
Noah: Alan, Monica, Bobbie. Can you understand that?
Robin: Yes. Are you agreeing to do the surgery?
Noah: I don't want them to see me like this.
Robin: They won't. I promise.

Scene 5
Noah: Wow. This place has changed almost as much as I have.
Robin: - incoming.
Noah: That didn't take long.
Alan: Oh, my god, are my eyes playing tricks on me? Noah Drake.
Noah: Alan, Monica,
Monica: Noah. I didn't think we'd ever see you again. 
Alan: What are you doing here at general hospital?
Bobbie: Oh, my goodness. Noah? Is this for real? 
Noah: Come here and find out. 
Noah: Oh. Now it's starting to feel like home. 
Bobbie: What are you doing here? 
Monica: Oh, we just asked him the same question. 
Robin: Dr. Drake has agreed to perform Jason's surgery.

[approximately 06:25  of Noah content]

According to US

Oooh! Medical dialogue spewing out of Noah's mouth. Did Noah Drake talk like this 20 years ago? I don't recall, but damn - I find this more sexy for some reason. He sounds smart :-) I also think he was a little too coherent to carry on such a conversation with Robin, but hey - maybe she caught him early in the day before he could get too much liquor in. He even recalled Robert Scorpio! Although you'd think some kind of shock would register when she stated who she was. Robin didn't even exist the first time Dr. Drake was in town. I flinch when I see kids I used to baby-sit as adults now. 

He takes her back to his apartment, where it is obvious he is no longer the playboy he once was. I just loved him muttering the "be it ever so humble" line. That sounded more like Rick Springfield to me, taking the less known part of the phrase rather than the "there's no place like home" bit. He was very convincing with the "I can't go back to Port Charles" line. Maybe because he's said it a 100 times before in real life? 

To the hospital we go now, and Noah is all spiffed up. Of course, us Rick fans know he cleans up well - but DAMN! It's been a while since I've seen him in a suit. It still works wonders for me. :-) Immediately he interacts with the "old timers" - although his reunion with Bobbie is sort of anti-climatic. I hope the writers resolve that later and let them have a real *let's get some coffee in the cafeteria & catch up* type of scene. - Michelle P.

Monday starts off with a repeat of Friday's clips. Oh boy, we get to see that one AGAIN......The scene is ok, but if you're going to have to watch one over and over and over, I wish it could have been a better one (and I won't take the easy route and say like one that involves less clothing).

Yea, a new scene! Still in the bar. I think this might be the worst I've ever seen Rick look in a role (well, next to Legion). I'm glad he was willing to go in that direction, and found it more interesting to do that. 

Enter Noah's apartment. Wow, now that's a dramatic change. From what I remember, Noah was a bit of a neat freak. 

This was a good scene. I think I heard Noah recite more medical dialog today then he did the whole 18 months he were there before.

I really like Rick and Kimberly together. I've read a little on the GH board and people seem to find her annoying. It's really weird when you think about how they did Dying to Dance together and she played his daughter. I read where Patrick might be a love interest for her, so he could become her father-in-law. Gee it's a small world :-)

Rick plays upset so well. The "I don't want them to see me like this" was a great scene.

The scene between Noah and Bobbie wasn't quite what I was hoping for. It seemed a little odd, probably needed more of a set up. They are probably having to speed things along quicker than normal because of Rick's limited commitment.

I'm actually having really mixed emotions about all this. I love seeing Rick on tv every day. But I like my Noah Drake memories, and this is going to change that a little. Noah didn't have the charmed life we expected he had. I like my fairy tales. - rlh

I think I'm the opposite of the fan at the shows that does the banshee wail of "DR NOAH DRAKE" 503 times (alternating it with "PLAY JESSIE'S GIRL" of course)  They cannot seem to see Rick and anything more than that.  Whereas it's currently hard for me to see Rick as Dr Drake, I don't know what it is. There was one line..... I forget which, it just sounded like a song lyric. Or maybe it was his attire, the flannel looked a little like the calendar pictures. So I know he's acting  and I haven't had too much of an issue seeing him as a character in the past so maybe it's just something that will click as I see more.  But watching him say all those technical terms about had me giggling. And the miracle talk and Robin's crack back at him really had me smiling. But all the emotion in today's show, from anger to a teary face and the fear. Certainly likely more interesting for Rick to play than a suave, sweep-into-town, save-the-day type of return. - Jen H.

Wasn't it just a strange sensation to turn on the TV, and there was Rick?   I had to pick up kids from school and didn't get home until 20 minutes into the show. I wasn't fretting as I was TiVoing it, but there's something about watching it when it airs that I love.  So I get in the door and flip on the TV....and there he was.  

I agree with everyone else, it is totally different now than when watching it in the 80's.   I knew him first as Dr Noah Drake, the music then followed.   I'm watching now, and it's just *weird* to think that I *know* him now.   You know what I mean... I don't really know him, but I've seen so much of him outside of GH for more of my life than not.   It's just something to get used to I guess.

I think he did a great job with the dialogue (saying it all with a straight face and everything).   I know I was grinning at the tube as well, hearing all those big words coming out of his mouth.   :-) - Michelle P.

Noah's anger and bitterness was acted out so well here, but seemed so different from the Noah we once knew way back in the 80's. It just seemed to me that he was a completely different person.

One thing that I have to question is the line where Noah mentions that he can't let `them' see me like this. He tells Robin…..Allen, Monica (who she mentioned to him earlier) and then Bobbie….How did he even know that she was still around? Hmmmm… I don't know.

Noah looked so hot in that suit back at the hospital. Wow! Loved his reunion with Bobbie! - Amy L.

Replay of the liquid-dousing so it was not worth their time to re-tape the scene because of the black paint on his hand/thumb but they choose to use the scene twice?  
But this time there is the added I'm sorry, you need to hear me out from Robin. 
Robin then introduces herself and Noah admits he knew Robert and Robin gives him the 20 second recap for the Jason story.  Noah replies "Just in case you can't put it all together here, I don't practice medicine anymore" as he takes a drink.  Seems like a pretty clear picture from where I'm sitting but Robin is not waylaid. She tries to sway him by naming more former GH coworkers of his, Alan and Monica. Noah's eyes seem to show some recognition. Now he's able to spew this medical jargon (perhaps it's like riding a bike, comes back to you drunk or not? ) But again Noah tells her he doesn't save lives any more.  Yet Robin says SHE doesn't give up and gives him Jason's files which results in a glare from Noah .

Now at Noah's place. #12 if that is all at important!  Robin surveys the less than tidy room. Noah uses the lamp to look at the x-rays.  Why does the hospital spend all the money on equipment when simple lamps seems to do the trick?   Noah is shocked as he says they look like x-rays of a dead man! Robin responds, Maybe he's been waiting for a miracle {OK I just LOVE that line! } But Noah responds, "Me?? You better hope that's not true". {Insert collective groan from the RS fans}  But Noah analyzes the x-ray and determines it's tricky but doable...but he still won't do it. Robin continues to push "I know it's been a long time".  Noah replies with his voice cracking, "It's not that, I can't go back to Port Charles". 
Noah then extols the heyday of his past while searching for a bottle with some alcohol remaining in it. Noah admits that maybe he got a little too cocky, wanted too much. 
 Next favorite line --- "Oh spare me the arrogance of youth, will you" with such anger!
But Robin pulls out the waterworks about losing Jason and plays on the losing someone you love angle. Noah admits he doesn't want Alan, Monica and Bobbie to see him like this and Robin promises him that they won't.  But all this grief and drinking isn't apparently giving Robin any pause as to whether Noah could/should operate on Jason. 
Apparently after a shower and stopping at Suit Warehouse (because what are the odds Noah has a clean, well-fitting suit just hanging in the closet?) Noah and Robin stroll into GH.  Monica, Alan and even Bobbie are all surprised to see him and yet do not make any attempt to catch up on the past 20 years (and for the most part act like it's been a much shorter amount of time).  Hugging Bobbie Noah says "Now it's starting to feel like home." - Jen H.


This was a pretty cool episode, in my opinion. So much raw emotion on Noah's part. Rick has an amazing talent for this. His eyes show everything! 

We have a wet Noah, since Robin just dashed him with water to sober him up, who is telling her to "go away." (he's having too much fun as a drunk!) Robin is trying everything to get through to him. She tells him that she is Robert & Anna Scorpio's daughter & that she has been in Paris for a few years studying brain trauma. She says that she is at a loss with this particular surgery that Jason needs, so she needs his help. He holds up his glass & states "this is my new specialty." He obviously isn't up for it, by the looks of him! Robin keeps trying to convince Noah. She tells him that the patient is the son of some of Noah's old friends….Alan & Monica Quartermaine. When she describes Jason's condition, Noah knows exactly what she's talking about. (the years of drinking didn't wipe his memory after all!) I can even see him beginning to soften up here for a minute. They talk a lot of technical doctor talk here, that I couldn't possibly understand (unless of course Noah is giving out lessons in doctor lingo….I am a fast learner J ), and she tells him that without his help, Jason will likely die. Noah is Jason's last chance. Noah hardens up again---"I don't save lives anymore."

The scene then goes to Noah's apartment where he invites Robin inside & they look over Jason's head x-rays. I gotta say…what an EXTREME difference in his living environment from then & now!!! Whoa! Everything is in disarray & there's old pizza and junk lying around. It used to be clean as a pin. What happened to the bubbly on ice, beautifully set tables & candlelight? LOL! I guess he's been too drunk lately to give a flip! Anyway, Noah tells her that these are the x-rays of a dead man. He says the surgery is possible, but tricky. Robin jumps on that one! "So you'll do it?" she asks. Noah replies, "no I didn't say that." He says he cannot go back to Port Charles. The staff used to brag on his great skills, saying he was the cream of the crop. Noah is ashamed of the course his life has taken, and he feels he just can't face them this way. Again he tells her he can't help her. She says, "you can't or you won't?" 

Robin continues her plea, reminding him of his doctors oath, about saving lives. Noah's hands are physically shaking. He is so unsure of himself. (what pained looks!) He is finally coming around, but he says, "I don't want them to see me like this." Robin says, "They won't, I promise."

The next scene shows Noah & Robin coming off the elevator beside the nurses station. Wow, talk about dejavu! Now Noah is looking more like Noah! He is all decked in a suit & tie and his hair is combed. He even shaved! I wonder if Robin helped dress Noah?! Noah says, "wow. This place has changed as much as I have." Really…I didn't think it looked all that different? It has been awhile though. The 1st old friends to wander up & greet him are Alan & Monica. Then he hears Bobbie saying, "Oh my goodness Noah…is this for real?!" He tells her, "come here and find out," and they embrace in a really sweet hug. He looks so happy to see Bobbie, and vice versa. Robin informs everyone that Noah has returned so he can perform Jason's surgery. 

What an awesome show this was! Just like before when Noah was there, I had my ears trained for that familiar "ding" of the elevator. This is the sound that used to cause me to break my neck trying to get back to the TV 

(I stubbed many a toe like this)…since it was possible Noah may be entering the scene! It was just "perfect" somehow, that he returned to the hospital that way. Talk about nostalgia! So cool to see Noah stepping through those elevator doors once again. - Kelley Pearson