General Hospital
December 6, 2005

 Scene 1
Robin: Excuse me. Has dr. Drake checked in for surgery yet?
Nurse: Not yet. I'll let you know when I see him.
<Noah's hands are still shaky, he tries to spike his coffee, Robin catches him>
Robin: Is this how you prepare for surgery? 

Scene 2
Robin: Have you done the prep for Jason's surgery?
Noah: Look, I need to discuss this with you.
Robin: You really should review the file with Tony Jones.
Noah: Look, this whole thing is a bad idea.�
Robin: Noah, this whole thing took an enormous amount of work and persuasion to get Jason to agree to do this.
Noah: If I were Jason, I'd be nervous, too.
Robin: He understands the risks.
Noah:� Told him you pulled me out of a gin mill from the lower east side, did you?
Robin: Ok, the details are not important because I know that you can do this.
Noah: Does he know how long it's been since I've stepped inside an O.R.?
Robin: You have saved lives when there was no hope at all.
Noah: That was,� that was years ago.
Robin: Ok, Alan and Monica Quartermaine have complete faith in you. They are trusting you with their son. Doesn't that say something to you?
Noah: Yeah, it says they need to rethink. Look, you know, surgery isn't like riding a bicycle. It doesn't all magically come back.
Doctor: We got another one from the construction accident. Where's dr. Jones?
Nurse: Oh, he just went into emergency surgery.
Doctor: Who's on call?
Nurse: Dr. Olsen, but she's in surgery, too. I've got calls out to other doctors.
Doctor: This guy can't wait for some surgeon to call back.
Noah: Give me the film.
Doctor: Who are you?
Noah: Dr. Noah drake.
Robin: He just came onboard as a neurosurgeon.
Noah: Ok, I see a small intracranial bleed. Get this man in the O.R. 

Scene 3
Robin: Ok if I observe? Dr. Drake will be operating on one of my patients soon.
Nurse: Fine with me.
Noah: The important thing with an injury like this is to get in, get the job done, and get out. Suction. You want to take care of all that carotid tissue. Nobody wants a brain abscess to form. Get that bleeder. Thank you. Now, see? You got to watch for the swelling. We have a little ischemia already. Now clamp. Take care of it now, save everybody a lot of trouble later on.
<Classical music plays>
Noah: Yeah, that's better! Scientifically proven to improve circulation, help with pain management, and shorten recovery time.
Doctor: I'd like to take a look at that research.
Noah: Me, too. I just made it up. That music's got to heal anything. CRANK IT UP.!

Scene 4
Robin: You were beyond impressive, just like I thought.
Noah: If you were so sure, why did you observe?�
Robin: All right, I admit I had my doubts before, but they're gone now. I mean, you have more than lived up to your reputation.
Noah: Patching that guy up was fairly simple.
Robin: If you're a brilliant surgeon.
Noah: Look, that's nothing compared to what Jason Morgan's up against.
Robin: And you'll handle it. Jason --
Noah: Jason's situation is way more complex because he's delayed surgery for so long.
Robin: Well, then we'd better get busy.
�Thank you for coming so quickly. I'd like to introduce you to your new surgeon. This is Noah Drake. Jason Morgan.

Noah: Jason.
Robin: Sam McCall.
Sam: Hey.
Robin: I just saw Noah save a man's life in surgery. I'm confident he's going to do the same for you.

Scene 5
<Sam sees Noah trying to spike his coffee, so she slaps the flask from his hands>
Noah: Is there a problem?
Sam: Yeah, there's a problem. There's no way in hell I'll trust Jason's brain surgery to a drunk.

Scene 6
Noah: Jason's surgery isn't till tomorrow.
Sam: Oh, really? So that makes it ok for you to sit around the hospital and get smashed all day?
Noah: No, actually, I'd rather be at a bar getting smashed. But your friend pulled me out of one, literally.
Sam: Robin -- Robin dragged you out of a bar?
Noah: Right. One of my favorites in New York, actually. She's good. She almost had me convinced I could pull this miracle off.
Sam: But you said you could save Jason's life.
Noah: Dr. Scorpio said I could save Jason's life.
Sam: But she saw you operate. She said you were brilliant. I --
Noah: Jason's situation is far more complex. Even at my best, I'm not sure I could've done it. That was many brain cells ago.
Sam: Ok, you know what, if you want my support and sympathy, you're not going to get it. Go to an A.A. Meeting. There is no way you are going to operate on Jason.
Robin: If he doesn't, Jason will die.

Scene 7
Sam: You found this guy drunk in a bar in New York City, and you want him to operate on Jason?
Robin: I just saw Dr. Drake in the O.R. He was amazing.
Sam: Ok, and I just saw Dr. Drake spike his coffee in the middle of a workday.
Noah: I won't risk hurting a patient. I can't do this operation, I'm sorry.
Sam: Ok, all right, then we will find another surgeon.
Robin: Who? Do you have some encyclopedic knowledge of qualified neurosurgeons? Cause, please, enlighten me if you do. I would like to know who else can save Jason's life, because Noah was my last --
Noah:� Someone else who can do it. He's younger than me and he's got the tools -- brains, education, instinct, and great hands.

[approximately 05:57 of Noah content]

According to US

The first scene of the day with Noah - and Robin is expecting him for surgery, after she just scooped him out of a bar and cleaned him up? Then she has the nerve to tell him off for trying to take the edge off his day. I really don't know who was more dumb, Robin, Noah (for pulling out his flask right in the open) or the writers. My vote goes to the writers.

Later, Noah & Robin are discussing what a dumb idea this is. For once, Noah sounds like the sober one. I totally lost track of what the conversation was however, when they wheeled the "construction accident dude" in on the gurney. He's flopping all over the place, and not one person is paying any mind to that. I was ROFLMAO, he looked like a fish out of water. Noah is reading the x-ray in thin air (must be pretty bright in that hallway in front of the nurses' station) and right away the guy needs brain surgery. I guess something fell on the writers'....oops....the patient's head. Did they x-ray him on the construction site?? 

Now we see Noah in scrubs, operating on the flopping fish. Good thing he had that surgical mask over his face, I'm sure he couldn't have recited all that medical jargon with a straight face. Heck, I couldn't even watch it with a straight face. Classical music kicks in, and I was wishing it would've somehow been an instrumental of Rick's. Would've been a cute inside joke, eh? 

Robin now introduces Noah to Jason & Sam. I was waiting for the "Last time I saw you, you were in diapers" line from Noah, but again it just rolls right off of him that these youngin's have aged so quickly. He could've at least looked at Sam and told her she looked a lot like the chick on the "Dancing with the Stars" show. Sheesh. :-) (pretty bland scene, my brain had to jazz it up a bit)

Now we're back to Noah needing a drink in the hallway again. He must not remember when the lounge or bathrooms are located, or the need for a fix is so great he can't even duck into an empty patient room. Argh! Of course, this time he is caught - but it is by Sam. She slaps the flask out of his hand, and calls him a drunk. She refuses to have him operate on Jason. Finally! Someone with some sense....

The last scene of the day has Noah wimping out (righteously so) of doing Jason's surgery. However, when he suggests that there is someone just as qualified - why didn't he do that the day he took Robin to his apartment? Did he need an ego boost? Nostalgia trip? What a waste of a day really, in my opinion. - Michelle P.

Noah has lost some brain cells, you don't have to spike your coffee in a public hallway, there's this thing called the Men's Room that would be a little more

Different suit than yesterday....

I know Noah didn't do a lot of surgeries before, but I don't remember him looking so goofy in his surgical stuff. I actually don't remember him wearing any kind of hat. Let's hope Noah doesn't do a lot of operations while he's here, I'm not digging that outfit. Love the scrubs, just not the cap.

And then, twice in one day. You would think if he's really that much of a drunk he'd be a little bit better at hiding it.

What a segue to end with. Great father like son..... - rlh

Robin goes looking for this great surgeon that Dr. Drake recommended. She finds him messing around with a nurse, convinces him to go see Jason then she doesn't find out he's Dr. Noah Drake's son until Noah says something? How was Robin looking for this great doctor and reviewing some of his prior cases if she didn't know he was Noah's son. (I think the actor they chose is a great physical match)

Since we knew the storyline ahead of time, the introduction of Noah's son wasn't very dramatic, however, like the Bobbie reunion, I did expect more than what we got.

I too am loving having Rick in my home every day.

I think all the hype of Rick's return was well deserved. He's doing a fantastic job. - Jen H.

I understand the story they're trying to build here, as far as Noah being an alcoholic, but I found it odd�and FUNNY how he was spiking his coffee right beside the nurses station!!! That tickles me every time I see that. If one really wanted to be discreet, they would go into the restroom for a minute with their flask of liquor. LOL�But then, if he were too sneaky, the story would not unfold as quickly, would it?? Noah looks dashing in his suit and tie, compared to his rumpled look when Robin found him. He really turns it on�pained eyes, shaking hands, arguing with Robin! Wow this man is magic onscreen! And he gets so much airtime in this one. I love it.

This is the episode with the scene (in the OR) that I laugh out loud at every time!!!! How funny is that??? The look on Robin's face is classic/PRICELESS when that classical music comes on and Noah says, "yeaaaahhh that's better." The puzzled look in her eyes is hilarious!!! (of course with surgical masks on, that's all you can see is their eyes in this scene). Noah is operating and tells the other doctors�"that music can heal anything�crank it up!" OMG�could that have been more perfect or what??? SO Rick in that scene for me--"crank it up?" Yeah�that's words I'd expect from a rocker, more than a surgeon! This has got to be one of the best scenes yet in my opinion. Too funny! Thank you GH for that little piece. 

There is the white doctors coat, right after the surgery! Whooo�.with blue scrubs underneath. A glimpse back to the days of old! Noah has proved himself to Robin in surgery, but NOT with Sam. Sam catches him spiking his coffee in the hall (yet again�in the hall, rather than in private! LOL) She KNOCKS the flask out of his hand�my isn't she the spunky little thing??!! She, Robin & Noah dispute about whether Noah is cut out to perform Jason's tedious surgery. And so comes the "interesting" introduction of Dr. Drake Junior. Noah tells Sam & Robin that he knows of another brilliant surgeon with great hands. OH YEAH�by the scene they show, it looks like he has some great hands! LOL What a perfect way to introduce Patrick Drake, the "womanizing" neurosurgeon! Thumbs up to the writers at GH - Kelley Pearson

Noah is caught with a flask of alcohol and Robin still wants him to operate? I doubt it! Not on me! I love the way Noah takes over and seems so in charge when a patient comes through on a gurney and needs surgery right away. The OR scene just cracked me up when Noah starts spouting off statistics about the music speeding up healing time, etc. "Crank it Up"!! I loved that, and did I detect a little smile behind that mask? LOL

Even though Noah was wrong for `juicing up' his coffee with his famous little flask of alcohol, it really made me upset a little when Sam slapped it out of his hand. I mean, gosh did she have to be so rough? LOL - Amy L.