General Hospital
December 7, 2005


Scene 1
Noah: Have you heard from Robin?
Monica: No, no, and we can't wait much longer.
Noah: Well, if she gets here with the surgeon I recommended, Jason has --
Monica: Wait a minute, Noah. We're running out of time. Why can't you do the operation? You're the best surgeon around.
Noah: That was years ago.
Monica: Excuse me, yesterday you saved a construction worker's life.
Noah: No, that was a simple, straightforward surgery. It's nothing like what your son's up against.
Monica: You, you have always been really casual about your talent, but I've seen you. I have seen you in action, and if I had known you could help Jason, I would have tracked you down.
Noah: Monica, there's nothing more I can do.
Monica: Noah, we lost A.J. This year. Jason's the only son I've got left. I don't want him to die. Can't you please, please try to save his life?
Noah: If I operate on Jason, I'll kill him.

Scene 2
Robin: How soon can you operate?
Patrick: It will definitely be a challenge.
Robin: Well, today? Tomorrow? Jason doesn't have a lot of time.
Patrick: He's got a hypo-perfused frontal cortex. If I make a temporal incision, that'll give him enough time --
Noah: Your patient will die within minutes.
Patrick: Not if I make the incision small enough.
Noah: Just take him longer to bleed out. That whole temporal area is laced with arteries. You need to go in from below.
Patrick: When was the last time you performed a successful surgery?
Noah: Yesterday.
Patrick: Well, maybe they're not up to date on your surgical records at this hospital, but I am.

Robin: Ok, am I missing something here?
Patrick: No.
Noah: Yes. Aren't you even going to say hello to your father?

Scene 3
Patrick: So which bar did you have to drag him out of?
Noah: One of my favorites, actually.
Patrick: Did you do any research on him at all?
Robin: Plenty.
Patrick: Then why is he here? Why in hell would you let him operate?
Noah: I was the only surgeon available.
Patrick: Still hiding all your failures, aren't you? He's a drunk who trashed his own reputation and damn near ruined mine.
Robin: Well, Tony Jones said he was the best.
Patrick: If anybody at this hospital was up to speed, you wouldn't let this guy on the property.
Robin: That seems a little harsh.
Patrick: He ruined his own reputation and did serious damage to mine. Everyone on this staff is waiting for me to crash and burn just like my old man did. Well, it won't happen. Not on this case, anyway.
Noah: You're going to let the patient die?
Patrick: You want to be the hero? You save him.
Robin: Whoa, wait, you can't back out on this.
Patrick: Watch me.
Robin: You agreed to do the surgery.
Patrick: I'm done cleaning up my father's messes.
Carly: You're not going anywhere.

[approximately 2:43 of Noah content]

According to US

We see Noah conversing with Monica.  Very good scene in my opinion, but it opens up more questions for me.  Monica did say that if she knew Noah could do the surgery, she would've tracked him down herself.  Exactly!! However, it appears she doesn't know of his drinking problem. Every other rumor runs around this hospital like wildfire.  I can't believe the news hasn't hit her yet.

Now we get to the "big moment" scene.  Robin is trying to convince Patrick to do the surgery - Patrick and Noah are arguing about how to do it....and then Noah announces he's Patrick's father.  Now that would've gone over real well if Patrick had a DIFFERENT LAST NAME than his, but gee these dots weren't hard to connect. Robin is a research physician, obviously heavy on the book smarts but not common sense.  Did she think Patrick was a nephew or something? Stupid, stupid, stupid...

The next scene, with Patrick & Noah arguing really looked authentic in many ways.  I swear these writers go from one end of the spectrum to another. They're fighting over their past (much like relatives) and then Patrick's inflated doctor ego gets in the way.  He's refusing to do the surgery, and it looks like he thinks he's being set up for failure.  So he tries to walk.  Rick did a fine job of looking angry, then hurt.  I'm still waiting for him to push up the sleeves of his suit jacket though. ;-) - Michelle P.

Day 4. Originally this would have been the final day. Now THAT would have sucked. To bring a character like Noah Drake back, someone who was very popular and very well liked and to leave everything so unresolved would just have been wrong.

Every day seems to get a little better. Not sure if it's me or the story building or what. Rick is having trouble with a word her and there <surgical>, and in that final scene, he so did not know what to do with hands (put them in my pocket, no don't yes do...).

The internet and the hoards of Soap Opera magazines killed the dramatic effect of Patrick Drake showing up. They never said who he was, so the "Aren't you going to say hello to your father" was supposed to be a big "don don" <organ music in the background> moment. We all knew who he was by his feet from the day before :-O
I think they did a great job of casting Noah's son. He does have some similar features, and the dimples were an especially nice touch.

It's so cool to have Rick Springfield in my living room every day. So cool. - rlh
Noah is trying to figure out if Robin has shown up with Patrick and Monica is badgering him to just do the surgery. {OK I know she�s desperate to save her son, perhaps at all costs, but if she trusts Noah so much, shouldnt she see there must be a reason he�s saying he shouldn't do it?}

Robin is trying to find out how soon Patrick can do the surgery but when he suggests a way to give Jason more time Noah gets up from the lounge and advises Patrick that his patient will die within minutes. Patrick cringes and makes a snide come back. After a few more biting back and forth comments Robin picks up that shes out of the loop. Noah replies "Aren't you even going to say hello to your father" {Robin must think Drake is a common last name or did she simply go after some Dr. Patrick? .I would think, "hey is he any relation?" would have come up after Noah suggested Patrick. Or I guess not}

Patrick is apparently annoyed that he was second choice to his father {his father with such a horrible reputation no less} so he storms out railing about how he's done cleaning up his fathers messes. {OK so  how is this a Noah mess? He is opting NOT to operate} - Jen H.

Today we get the pleasure of meeting Dr. Drake, Jr. Get out the boxing gloves, because these two are at each others throats from the get go. Sarcasm, resentment, conflict�just flying all over the place.
The heated arguments between father and son seemed like they would be short-lived at first, but then it seems like they have a lot of past to be revealed to us. - Amy L.

Out of the elevator steps the dashing Noah Drake in his blue shirt, suit & tie!! He has a discussion, (a disagreement) with Monica about Jason's surgery. Noah just doesn't feel he's able to do it. There is regret in his eyes when he tells her "if I operate on Jason, I'll kill him." He looks like he wishes he were able to be the savior for Jason.

I love how they set up the next scene, with Noah overhearing and then jumping in on Patrick & Robin's discussion of Jason's surgery. That was a great way to bring the two men together I thought!! Instant competition there, and obvious conflict. Robin got totally caught up in the middle of all that testosterone!!! LOL (Rick's eyes looked INCREDIBLE in that close up scene where he and Patrick were arguing. Didn't they?? So green and eye lined, more so than usual! Just an observation I can't overlook) "Aren't you even gonna say hi to your dad?" LOVE the way he emphasized that line�as if to dare Patrick to confront him.

Robin is so defensive of Noah, and has such faith in him, sassing back at Patrick's ill remarks towards his dad. GO Robin!!! Then lo and behold�Carly is hanging close hearing the whole ugly story of Patrick & Noah's past. Was it just me, or did Rick seem to be fidgeting at the end of this scene?? It was like he didn't know what to do with his hands for the last few seconds there!!! I think he started to put it in his pocket and then changed his mind. Don't know if that was intentional acting on Rick`s part, as a sign of feeling helpless after the ill words with his son, or if it was just RICK! (being nervous and restless). GREAT scenes here�huge opening hook for the audience, and the feeling that Robin will be right in the middle of a their relationship in some way, whether it be to referee or just plain stepping out of line with her advice! - Kelley Pearson