General Hospital
December 8, 2005


Scene 1 (only scene)
Patrick: I want O.R. Number 2. It's not as good as I'm used to, but it's the best we have here. Get me a list of available times. I don't like to be rushed.

Noah: So you're operating on Jason Morgan.
Patrick: Good news travels fast.
Noah: I think you should take a hard look at the point of entry. Technique is most successful when access posterior to the temple region.
Patrick: I appreciate the input, doctor, but things are different these days. Techniques have become a little sophisticated since you put down your scalpel.
Noah:� I taught you not to pull your punches. Say what you mean. Since I was face down in the gutter, things have changed.
Patrick: Have it your way.
Noah: Well, I still remember a thing or two.... like it's more important to save the patient's life than to be right.
Robin: The day will come when you need compassion, and I hope that you get more than you just showed your own father.

[approximately 01:02 of Noah content]


According to US

Only one scene today. Must be still the same day in Port Charles, everyone is still in the same wardrobe. Patrick and Noah have another little spat, but again I totally lost attention to the dialogue when I saw Noah skip around the nurses station. There's no question about it. He skipped. WTF? With his hand in his pocket.'Nuff said on that one. That was so bad, he deserved having the rest of the day off. If that had been his last scene on this little trip back to GH, I would've just been so saddened. He was like March, he came in like a lion and left like a lamb. - Michelle P.

That's IT??????????? That was hardly worth the time it took Rick to put that suit on.- rlh

This was a very short and not so sweet scene. The sarcasm flies between father and son yet again. Oh well, better to have seen Noah briefly then not to have seen him at all. Hee hee! It really is strange to hear all of those medical words coming out of Rick/Noah's mouth. I think all the 80's Noah ever talked about was dating and women. - Amy L.


Patrick finally agrees to do Jason's surgery (after much prodding, pushing, name-calling by Sam, Robin and Carly). Noah comes over to say he heard Patrick was going to be doing the surgery and then proceeds to give him advice on it. Patrick snidely retorts that techniques have improved in their sophistication since the Doctor last put down his scalpel. Patrick tries to walk away but Noah quickly hops around the edge, to catch up. Noah leaves Patrick by saying "I still remember some things, like it's more important to save a patient's life than be right."

Favorite non-Noah line when arguing about Robin observing the surgery Patrick says to Robin "Are you even tall enough to see over the table?" - Jen H.

Ahhhh,again in that beautiful blue shirt!!! But couldn't we have seen a bit more?? With all the competition between father and son, throwing out medical advice and so forth, they REALLY should have had more lines between them today. Those teasers at GH!!! 

Gosh all that medical lingo rolling off Rick's lips sounds funny to me, LOL! He is doing an awesome job of sounding like he knows his stuff, but it's a big change from the Noah of 1981, who was best at flirting and making women (nurses mostly J ) swoon. What am I saying?? I am still swooning, even if he has had a rough road!

Ok, don't shoot me, but for some reason Noah looked awkward the way he charged around the desk to Patrick. Don't ask me why!! LOL It was almost like I expected him to kick Patrick's ass, the way he nearly charged him. It seems great, in a strange kind of way to see all these different emotions out of Noah. He has such pain & bitterness in his eyes. Even in his mannerisms, it's obvious. Thumbs up to Rick, Jason & Kimberly for making a short scene, a great scene!!! - Kelley Pearson