General Hospital
December 9, 2005



Monica: No, Sam. Come on, now. Jason makes his own choices. If he didn't want this, he wouldn't be here. You're going in?
Noah: I want to observe.
Patrick: Scalpel. Ok, people, let's party.
Robin: His B.P. Is dropping.
Noah: May I respectfully suggest again that you go in from behind rather than risk a temporal incision?
Patrick: Why don't you sit this one out, doctor?
Robin: Noah's right.
Sam: They stopped. Something's wrong.
Robin: Your father knows what he's talking about.
Patrick: I don't need a back seat driver.
Robin: From my experience, not all lesions show up on x-rays. We're trying to remove scar tissue, not create more than necessary. Now, will Dr. Drake's suggested path of entry hamper your procedure?
Patrick: No, but if I --
Robin: I'm still Jason's specialist, and Jason is why we're here, not you, not your father, not your past. Dr. Drake's way is more prudent. Now, what is more important, your pride or saving this man's life?
Patrick: Fine. We'll go in post-temporal with a hairline incision extending posteriorly to the anterior parietal region. Let's keep him as pretty as possible. You should've called me the minute you got this case, instead of trying to stage a comeback.
Noah: You made it pretty clear you never want to hear from me. Anyway, you're here now.
Patrick: If I operated days ago, the patient would've had a better chance of coming out of this whole.
(lights flicker)
Robin: Must be the storm.
Noah: I hope we don't lose power.
Patrick: Keep working. It's not like we can stop in the middle of this.
Noah: Nice work.
Robin: Come on, generator.
Patrick: Start bagging him. Everyone else, hold your position.
Robin: All right, we're back up, but only on partial power.
Patrick: It'll have to be enough. More suction.
Robin: You were right about the entry point. Thanks.
Noah: It's a long way from over. There's no way to know how much anesthesia he's getting. The readings for the monitors are being thrown off by the power surges.
Patrick: Well, that means we hurry. Crank up the music. Let's hope the generator keeps cranking along with us.
Patrick: I need more light

Robin: There's an emergency box over here.

Patrick: All right. Give the girl scout a merit badge.
Robin: How about stop with the snide comments and just focus on the surgery?
Patrick: Yes, ma'am.
Noah: Monitors are shot. There's no way to be sure how much anesthesia he's getting.
Patrick: Well, I'm not done. So figure it out, or this guy's not going to need a brain.

Patrick: I need him to come around a little bit. Give him a reversal agent. When he's on the brink of consciousness, I'm going to try to stimulate motor functions and see if he reacts. That'll tell me if the operation is succeeding.
Robin: What will that be like for Jason?
Patrick: Depends on what's floating in his subconscious.

Patrick: Jason's eyes are open. That's a good sign.
Robin: Do you think he can see us?
Patrick: I'm not sure, but his oculomotor nerve is working.
Manny: Oh, he looks like he can hear us.
Robin: He looks like he can hear us. Jason?
Patrick: Call the lab. Type cross two units of blood

Patrick: He's doing well. We're almost done here.

According to US

Dr. Drake the elder is going to "observe" the surgery.  Apparently Sam and Monica will just window shop for this one. So we get another day of Noah in scrubs, covered basically from head to toe with the exception of his eyes. Now Robin, Noah and Patrick are arguing about where the incision should be, and I'm not a doctor, but shouldn't that have been decided before this moment? Why Robin has the final word when she's not even a surgeon is beyond me as well. Patrick should've kicked everyone out from the get-go.

Now the power problems. This whole scene was so hokey, it's like a bad B movie on cable or something. The monitors are not working, yet the CD player is still cranking out music. Noah keeps commenting on the anesthesia, which must've been his second doctorate degree, as we didn't hear a peep out of the anesthesiologist. They've broken out the pen lights, and Manny has entered the room without a sideways glance from anyone. If you can't tell what is wrong with those statements, well then you live in a happier world than mine. Fine acting here from Rick, you couldn't tell he was shaking with laughter while holding the light. - Michelle P.
Monica�and Sam see Noah entering the OR room and he says he is going��to observe the surgery (important that they notice him, see future comments).

Noah again points out his recommended course of surgery and Robin agrees. After more bickering Patrick agrees to do a"hairline incision", hey it'll be better for his look after surgery too right? Just a tiny little band-aid!? So while working Patrick berates Noah by claiming he should have called as soon as he got this case, a few days would have made a difference. Noah replies that Patrick never wanted to hear from him again. But how many days have really passed since Noah got this case? I believe it's just two -- Bar day, emergency surgery day then today, right?

The power flickers due to the storm and Noah worries "I hope we don't lose power" {dum dum dum, what foreshadowing!}

While watching over his shoulder, Noah comments to Patrick "nice work" and then the room starts to lose power. The generator kicks in and they are working on limited power (and yet enough to crank up the music?). Robin compliments Noah on the recommended course of action but he warns her it's too soon yet.

Manny gets an axe and takes out the generator, nice security GH! Now Robin moves to the "emergency box" in the OR to get penlights? That's the big use of the emergency box? And they don't have an extra back-up? It's a hospital! And while I'm ranting, no one notices Manny running around in scrubs? OK he's wearing a mask but his tattoos are pretty unique.Perhaps this is the "Clark Kent" phenomenon�- the mask obscures his appearance. But when he walks into the OR no one bats an eye. - Jen H.
Awww, Noah all decked out for surgery (observing)! Even if the surgical mask covers up that sweet mouth, at least we can still see his beautiful eyes! Love Patrick looking at dad and then looking away saying, "okay people, let's party." One thing I found very odd about this whole Jason-tedious-brain-surgery thing was how Sam & any others were able to watch through the glass. Yes..I know it's a soap opera, and that helps make the story. But could you imagine??? I honestly don't believe I'd want to watch my significant other's head being cut open and messed with!!! That would definitely create some drama out of me if I stood by and watched. LOL

Anyway, then there's the exchange of words for dad & son in the OR, while Robin plays referee. So much pride & ego going on over the table. Poor Sam & Monica are fretting in the hall as they watch on. I really like that Noah compliments Patrick on his work, "nice work." And oh, now the lights are flickering. What a fine time for a power outage! I have to say, these docs really ARE brilliant, doing brain surgery by penlight, LOL! - Kelley Pearson
Arguing in the OR! Oh my, and people peeking in on the surgery and walking in and out like the place is open to the public. Yes, I know it's only a soap, but let's be realistic here. (now I am sounding like Diana on H2H..LOL) Damn, Noah looks good even with a surgical mask on. Not many lines out of the man, but his presence is enough for me. - Amy L.