General Hospital
December 12, 2005


Noah is present in earlier scenes, but there is no dialog for him

Scene 2

Bobbie: Hey, Noah.
Noah: Hey, hey. Come sit, come sit.
Bobbie: Ok. Just for a few minutes, though. Well. So all the evidence shows you are just as brilliant as ever.
Noah: What evidence is that?
Bobbie: Well,� you saved a man's life in O.R. Yesterday, maybe you just saved Jason's.
Noah: If Jason lives, it's because of my son. He's the hotshot now.
Bobbie: Is he as arrogant as you were?
Noah: Oh, man. Try, I don't even come close.
Bobbie: Well, if it makes you feel any better, I've got a daughter, Carly, and she's a lot wilder than I ever dreamed of being. I think it's funny how life works out. Isn't it? I mean, you can try to prevent it, but your kids just end up making the same mistakes that you made, except on a much larger scale.
Noah: Your daughter's like you in another way.
Bobbie: How's that?
Noah: From what I can tell, she's pretty much fearless.
Bobbie: Oh, well, that was the old me, or the young me, the stupid me, because I haven't been fearless in a very long time. Well, I guess I'd better get back to work. You did really good work in there.
Noah: Thanks.
Bobbie: And I'm holding you to that dinner invitation.
Noah: You mean the one I never agreed to accept?
Bobbie: Yeah, that one.
Robin: Noah?
Noah: Hey.
Robin: Hey. I need your signature on the O.R. Report.
Noah: Man, I've been in some tense O.R. situations, but that was one for the books. Patrick really -- he really pulled off a miracle. And in the dark. People waving guns and scalpels, taking hostages. I got to -- I got to hand it to my son, he -- he kept his cool.
Robin: Patrick was amazing, but he would not have been able to save Jason's life without you.
Patrick: Is that paperwork ready to sign?
Noah: Nice work in there.
Patrick: You, too.

[approximately 2:31� of Noah content]

According to US

Still in the dark, holding the pen light. I don't know what bothered me more, the thought that they were operating by pen light, or the fact that Robin's pen light wasn't working in the scenes shown today! Noah kept turning around, you think he could've told her? I kept yelling at him to do something - kick Manny, run to get help, pull out the flask....anything.

After the surgery, Noah is seen leaving the operating room, chewing gum. That's our guy! :-) Pull out a tube of chapstick or pop some gum in the mouth. Either one works for me.

Next we see Noah pop a squat on the ever popular couch in front of the nurses' station. Here comes Bobbie, dressed like a 'ho'. Another WTF? moment here, as wardrobe has been doing so well with Noah. Noah attempts to grab her hand, but she prefers hanging on to her pen. Awkward!  They're having some sort of conversation about their children, but heck I couldn't help zoning that out because Noah looked so damn good in those dark blue scrubs. It's amazing really, that he can make scrubs look that good. Could you imagine waking up from surgery and seeing that? I would've thought I had died or something. I had to rewind to catch the dialogue. Not once was there a "I can't believe you have a kid...let alone a kid who is an adult"out of either one of them. Also, Noah learning that Carly was Bobbie's daughter and Bobbie learning that Patrick was Noah's son must've happened off-camera. I'm surprised the writers aren't going to go with a second-generation love affair storyline with Carly & Patrick. I think that would be more interesting all the way around, for all four characters.Someone also please tell me when Bobbie was fearless when Noah was around the first time? I just remember her being whiny, and more concerned about her brother and not having sex with Noah more than anything else. All in all, this was my favorite scene to date though. It must've been those scrubs, I dunno why. 

Robin happens over after Bobbie struts away, to have Rick Springfield sign an autograph.� I mean, have Noah sign off on the surgery report. He's going to get paid a whole lot for holding that pen light.:-) - Michelle P.

Noah's role is basically just a bystander in the Manny-breaks-into-the-OR-and-takes-Carly-hostage mess.

Bobbie catches up with Noah after the surgery. Nice dress Bobbie! Bobbie compliments him and Noah responds that his son would be responsible for Jason's surgery success. Bobbie asks "He is as arrogant as you were?" Noah laughs (with a little lip lick ) They discuss children. In this scene Noah seems the most comfortable yet.

Robin appears and gets his "autograph" on the OR report. And then Patrick shows up and they both compliment each other on the good work. I guess holding the penlight was a big help. Perhaps this is the first step towards a father / son reunion? - Jen H.

Love the scene between Noah and Bobbie, they look so good together. Noah is actually smiling and laughing. Very refreshing to see him this way. It almost seems like Patrick and Noah could get along in their short little comments to one another today, complimenting each other on Jason's surgery.

This episode made for a very interesting drama�with all the excitement that went on in the OR. (It is probably one of my favorites, especially the Bobbie & Noah scene!)

Manny busts in�right in the middle of a crucial surgery on Jason, which is being done by Patrick & observed by Noah & Robin�.um�by penlight. Anyway, he holds Carly at knife point, but none of them even seem alarmed. I guess it was the doctors in them that kept them pushing on through the brain surgery like professionals! And I'm glad they did, with Jason's life on the line. Why didn't Noah do some martial arts on Manny right then and there!!! I can't quit thinking that, no matter how hard I try. I see images of Rick breaking bad on someone! LOL If he could have been Rick for a minute, all things would have been good. 

Robin steps in with advice, and then Sonny appears with a gun. Noah seems to be frozen! Carly wrestles out of Manny's arms outside of the OR at this point, and Sonny whips out his piece & shoots him just as the cops arrive. Noah is seen again now, leaving the OR with the rest of the docs, looking kind of like he was "slipping out." 

WOW Noah back in his old scrubs! And blue! Whoooo, Noah comes off the elevator, seeming a little wiped out from the whole thing in the OR and tells Bobbie to come sit with him. They have a sweet chat on the sofa by the nurses station. Bobbie is in a dress, which I think looks rather nice on her. She's not doing too bad for her age J She compliments Noah on his skills, but he won't let it flatter him. He claims Patrick is the "hot shot" now, the one who has saved Jason's life. Now for one of my favorite stand out lines since Rick's return, Bobbie: "Is he as arrogant as you were?" And Noah: "oh man..try, I don't even come close." That was cute they way they were joking around like old friends, and he took that little jab with great humor. (and with that sweet laugh). Kind of a cool scene in my opinion. Bobbie goes on to tell Noah about her daughter Carly, and how wild she is. They had sort of a parenting talk!! LOL A lot can happen in 25 years! It was neat to get to see the characters play catch up. It felt like here, that some chemistry still remains, and I adore those sweet looks Noah was giving Bobbie towards the end of that scene. I suppose it will just take some time for them. Noah literally looked like he was in awe of Bobbie or daydreaming or something, as she walked away. Robin kind of snapped him back to reality there! 

Robin wants his signature. I feel there is a lot of great acting & chemistry between Rick & Kimberly, AND Rick & Jason. I really like that Robin is in the mix in the Noah/Patrick story. She is such a spunky little thing! Noah compliments Patrick again when he arrives on the scene to add his John Hancock, and vice versa. Awww�what a happy ending. Or so it seems� - Kelley Pearson