General Hospital
December 13, 2005


Scene 1
Monica: Noah. We were looking for you.
Noah: Why?
Monica: Well, to thank you. Thank you for saving Jason's life.
Noah: Oh, my son's the one you want to thank.
Alan: Well, Patrick may have done the surgery, but it was your suggestion that made the procedure go so smoothly.
Monica: And your help in closing under incredible conditions.
Noah: Well, I admit it's not every day a scalpel-wielding maniac barges into the O.R. that's for sure.
Alan: You were grace under pressure, and as grateful as we are to Patrick, we're equally grateful to you.
Noah: I appreciate that.
Monica: So, what are your plans now? Any chance you're going to stay around Port Charles?
Noah:� There's no real reason to. I think my continued presence would just irritate my son.
Alan: Well, I understand that. For a very long time, Jason couldn't bear the sight of me.
Monica: But that's getting better now. Maybe it's not such a good idea to keep an unresolved distance between you and Patrick. Maybe the better idea would be to face the problem head-on and stick it out.
Noah: I'm not sure the outcome would be worth the effort.
Scene 2
Robin: Hey. How's it going?
Noah: Oh. I've been better. Haven't had a drink since Jason's surgery. Not that I haven't been tempted.
Robin: You're doing great.
Noah: Who knows, I might even kick this thing thanks to you.
Robin: Well, I -- I didn't do anything.
Noah: Well, you didn't give up on me like everybody else.
Robin: Meaning Patrick?
Noah: Patrick has his reasons.
Robin: Does he have reasons for being so rude and obnoxious to everyone, I mean, for purposely upsetting people?
Noah: Well, that would be me. My son is what I made him.
Patrick: Interesting theory. Too bad it's a load of bull.

Scene 3
Patrick: Why am I not surprised that you're taking credit for me? As if siring a brilliant though egotistical son somehow mitigates all the crappy choices you made and all the ways you failed everyone who ever made the mistake of counting on you. You don't get to use me for absolution. I am who I am because of me and in spite of you.

According to US

Noah with Monica and Alan again.  I swear they didn't converse as much in the 80's. We see them thanking Noah (again, for what- holding the pen light?) and he is being very low-key, which is appropriate as he's true in that Patrick was the one she should've thanked. � He's back in the same suit & tie, so apparently Robin only sprang for one set of nice clothes. :-) He looks as sorry as I feel when he says he probably won't stay in Port Charles.

The next scene is Robin and Noah again. He starts off on the phone, and I'm wondering who he's calling? His AA sponsor? His agent for more screen time?  Once they start talking about Patrick; he appears.  Again Patrick is spewing animosity at his father, and I just want to shake him and tell him to spit it out.  If the writers can drag your Dad out of a bar and have him operate the next day, we should already know the story between you two, shouldn't we?

The very last scene of the day with Noah and Patrick shows off Rick's talent of acting with his face. This is my happy face. This is my concerned look.  Here's my sad, lonely face.  It's the GH version of Shock, Denial & Acceptance (there was no Anger there, and it's such a shame really). - Michelle P.
Noah is trying to convince himself not to take a nip when Monica and Alan come up and heap a ton of praise on him. He tries to deflect it but then accepts it and responds to their questions about his future by saying his presence would just irritate his son. Monica encourages him to try to work it out with Patrick but Noah is not sure the outcome would be worth the effort {Hello, yes of course it would be worth it Rick...err Noah, we..errr GH needs you around...haven't you seen the ratings?! }

Noah tells Robin he hasn't had a drink since Jason's surgery and Robin commends him. Noah thanks her for not giving up on him. Then Robin goes on her Patrick tirade about how he�s so rude and obnoxious to everyone and purposely upsets people. Noah tries to take the blame for Patrick's behavior. But Patrick walks in and goes off on Noah for trying to take credit for him. Finally saying "I am who I am because of me and in spite of you." {OK obviously Patrick didn't hear their whole conversation - perhaps he thinks Noah is taking credit for him being such a great surgeon and all around great guy with an ego. NOT! Memo to Patrick - Noah is taking credit for you being an ass - perhaps you might just like to let him do that} - Jen H.

Starting today, I begin to get frustrated with the very few and far between Noah scenes. Yes, he's there, but barely a word can he utter, while Allen and Monica put in their two cents and boy when Patrick shows up and chews him out, Noah is left speechless. Gosh, couldn't have been very hard for Rick to learn those lines-LOL - Amy L.


Rick was excellent in this scene, as with all his scenes!!! He has a knack for showing a great range of emotions. He really makes me feel what the writers want us to feel! Thank goodness that Monica & Alan walked up when they did, so he wouldn't drag out that flask again! I love hearing everyone praise him for his skills, but Noah just won't accept it as easily as I do! LOL (although I know it was Patrick who really needs the praises and credit for the surgery....I can only hope that all the compliments will drag a genuine smile out of Noah!) It's sad to see him struggling here, wanting to take a drink. He can just taste it. Leave it alone Noah! No one wants a drunken brain surgeon working on them. I can see the torment in his eyes. Monica is giving Noah advice on his relationship with his son, but he doesn't think there is any point in trying. Kind of odd that she should be giving him personal advice when she hasn't seen him in what??? ...25 years! But by the same token...nice to see that she and Alan care.

Robin & Noah have a discussion about his drinking problem, and again..the struggle & hurt in Noah's eyes breaks my heart. He looks so guilt-ridden, and blames himself for Patrick's obnoxious behavior. (all the while�looking dashing in his suit and tie!) Patrick arrives and `attacks' Noah over what he's saying to Robin. I like how he uses one of "Rick's words" here. "You don't get to use me for absolution." He really lays it on Noah, leaving him looking like a whipped pup, and Robin looking stunned by Patrick's arrogance. He is obviously angry & bitter at his dad...but come on dude...lay off just a little bit! The man is struggling here! - Kelley Pearson