General Hospital
December 19, 2005


Scene 1
Patrick: I understand you have control issues, ok? You need to feel like you're in charge in something, and since you don't have what it takes to be a surgeon --

Robin: Surgery isn't always the answer.
Patrick: It is this time. If I don't operate, your patient's going to die.
Robin: I don't agree.
Patrick: I don't care. I want you to stay out of my way.
Robin: Well, the feeling is mutual.
Patrick: We all know how you feel about invasive procedures. They offend your delicate sensibilities and step all over your ineffective drug protocols.
Robin: And we all know that you're into instant gratification. Drug treatments take time and patience to be effective.
Patrick: Or until the Hayes kid dies, which is what will happen if he doesn't get this surgery. You should have never canceled it.
Robin: What?
Patrick: You should have talked to me first.
Robin: You're delusional.
Noah: No, he's not. I'm the one who canceled the surgery 

Scene 2
Noah: I was where you are, Patrick. I was so sure I could pull off the same radical procedure. You're just chomping at the bit to try. It was a mistake.
Patrick: So you canceled it? Let's get clear on something, dad. Those were your failures, your career that crashed and burned.
Noah: I'm trying to protect you.
Patrick: You're terrified I'll pull off something that you couldn't.

Scene 3
Patrick: What do we got?
Robin: Respiration's shallow, B.P.'S dropping.
Paramedic: The guy apparently collapsed, some kind of seizure. The cops said that he was grabbing his head in pain.
Robin: Get a C.T. Scan, stat.
Patrick: And call the O.R., If that's ok with you, dad. This guy might have an aneurysm or something like that. You wouldn't mind if I operated, would you? Move him.

Scene 4

Jason: Is this necessary?
Noah: It's called postoperative care. We actually highly recommend it if you want to live. Although I haven't asked you, Mr. Morgan, do you want to live? Then I suggest you just follow orders.
Sam: That's not really his best event.
Noah: Well, it's just for a short while. Oh, I hear you've been taking strolls around the hospital.
Jason: Yeah, only on this floor.
Noah: Well, you're not supposed to move until we tell you to. And this constant stream of visitors is not conducive to your healing.
Jason: I feel fine.
Noah: And by the time you don't feel fine, it'll be too late. We have an allotment of one miracle per person in this hospital.
Sam: You know what, doctor?
Noah: You've had yours, believe me.
Sam: I will make sure that he gets his rest, and --
Noah: And eats well. Oh, good. The sodium alone in this stuff will send your blood pressure through the roof. Look, don't make me get tough on you, Jason, ok?
Jason: I'm not going to be restrained, again.
Noah: Well, you won't have to be if you take this. It's a sedative.
Jason: Come on, you know I hate taking pills.
Noah: It's mild. You got your choice -- a sedative or the straps, and please hurry, because I have surgery to go to.
Sam: Oh, yeah, thank you.
Jason: Ok, I'll take that, I'll take that.
Sam: Thank you. Yeah.
Noah: There you go.
Jason: Thanks.
Noah: And thank you -- for dinner.
Sam: Ok.
Noah: I know this place. They make an excellent kung pao chicken.

[approximately 02:51 of Noah content]

According to US

New tie!  That's pretty bad that Noah walks in the scene and I'm excited about a new tie. It looks like wardrobe sprang for a new suit as well, this one looks a bluish gray instead of the green-ish gray of the last couple of days.  Patrick & Robin are arguing about another patient.  Noah breaks in and says he canceled the surgery. If I were that kid's parent, I'd have checked him out of this hospital pronto.

Noah & Patrick spar a bit. I'm not sure what they were saying, a lot of blah blah about the same stuff they've been eluding to.  I just noticed that Noah's suit jacket sleeves are too short.  That's too much in one scene for a short attention span person such as myself.

Suddenly Manny is wheeled in and needs brain surgery. How convenient, we have two neurosurgeons standing right in the hallway.  Robin has a clip board that appeared out of nowhere.  Apparently it's her comfort tool, as she's always hugging one to her chest.  Patrick is booking him for surgery without running any kind of tests.

The next scene became my favorite over the Noah & Bobbie couch time.  Noah is checking on Jason, and every word that comes out of his mouth sounds like something a doctor would say.  He's chiding him for all the visitors, and for walking around the hospital already.  I swear the writing staff must employ at least one person who knows what they're talking about, but only let them write for one day a week.  The only goof was that a nurse didn't come in to administer the sedative, but just seeing Noah be an actual doctor was good enough for me.  Very funny that he took off with the Chinese food as well. - Michelle P.
Patrick and Robin are having an argument over a procedure for a patient {a.k.a. a thinly veiled personal attack fest} when Noah walks up and informs him it was he (not Robin) that canceled the surgery for this patient.

Noah and Patrick then rehash the one-up-man-ship arguments...with yet another reminder from Patrick to Noah - "YOUR career that crashed and burned" {OK are we all clear here- character firmly established? Noah had a career and then ruined it, everyone got it? Apparently regular GH viewers are not such quick studys}

Then Manny is rushed into the area and Patrick, Noah and Robin jump into action. Patrick makes some more snide comments to Noah while diagnosing a possible aneurysm on sight {OK, doesn�t this place have an ER? Why do people just randomly come from wings of the hospital? And these Dr's are so good very few (if any) tests are needed before they pop into action... go figure!}

Noah is checking on Jason post surgery. Jason is his normal surly self. Noah berates Jason for not following directions - walking, visitors, eating, etc. {Because now Noah is the expert on good behavior? Now where's Patrick's opinion on that? but hey Noah gets dinner out of the lecture!} - Jen H.

Noah is giving "Dr.'s orders" and it almost sounds `sarcastic' coming out of Rick's mouth. LOL I am still, at this point, getting used to the idea of Rick Springfield as a doctor. Noah was such a lover boy back in the 80's that it really takes some getting used to, for him to actually be using all that medical jargon. I liked the way he took the food that was supposed to be Jason's and politely walked out with it. Ha! - Amy L.

Another Patrick & Robin argument! Those two butt heads constantly don't they?? But it makes for some very interesting chemistry that is sure to lead to a possible romance. Patrick is telling Robin she shouldn't have cancelled one of his surgeries without talking to him first, when out of the elevator strolls Noah... stating that HE is the one who cancelled it. My my my! Another handsome suit..and this time with a blue & white pinstriped shirt. YOW! He looks so professional!

Noah thinks Patrick is way to eager to perform "radical" procedures & feels he was helping Patrick by stepping in. Naturally Patrick is hot about it. They have an angry discussion, once again, while Robin looks on from the sidelines. I guess she too is trying to figure out what the heck is so wrong with the relationship between the two men. Suddenly Manny is wheeled in because of seizures...and the 3 docs run to the rescue. Major tension and competition going on between Noah & Patrick. Does Noah have on eyeliner in this scene?? Or is that just his naturally thick lashes there? Gosh what dreamy eyes...either way. Even when his eyes are anything but happy, they are still beautiful! 

OH I love Noah's sassiness when he visits Jason's room!!! He is being so sarcastic...waving that flashlight around on Jason! (telling Jason off basically!) LOL So very glad Noah pointed out to Jason that a "constant stream of visitors" is not a good plan right now. I kept thinking all the while after Jason's surgery..."WHY are all this people coming in and out tormenting the man with their daily dramas??? He just had BRAIN surgery for God's sake!! Give him some rest!!" But then again,maybe it's been a good thing. I've never seen anyone recoup from major tedious surgery so fast in all my life!!! Sorry, but that whole bit, with Jason wandering around with that patch on his head, and people running in and out (like Carly, Sonny, Emily, Sam, etc...) just kept me giggling. I know it expands on the drama, but it just tickled me for some reason...the way he was back up to par and ready to deal with life's issues so quickly. LOL So yeah Noah! Give him hell! I love how he bitched at Jason about the sodium in his food...that was cute. I can see Rick doing something like that in real life! But then he snatches Jason's Chinese food and takes off with it. Wonder if he planned on eating that "high sodium" food himself?? - Kelley Pearson