General Hospital
December 23, 2005

Scene 1
[Santa takes a swig in the elevator]
Patrick: Given your commitment to bedside manner, why aren't you doing time as an elf? You'd look adorable in one of those outfits. 

Robin: Oh, well, thank you. I've actually done my time in those pixie boots. But now I get to be a doctor and diagnose you with a full case of raging bull.
Patrick: Oh, come on, now. Where's the holiday spirit? 
Children: Santa! 
Santa: Merry Christmas, boys and girls! Merry Christmas! 
Santa: Santa's here to make your spirits bright! Ho-ho-ho-ho! Come on, follow me. Come on. Ho-ho-ho-ho! 
Patrick: Whose idea was this? 

Scene 2
Alan: In those days, a decree went out from Caesar Augustus that the whole world should be enrolled, each in their own town. And Joseph went up from Galilee to the city of David that is called Bethlehem to be enrolled with Mary, his wife, who was with child, and she gave birth to their firstborn son. She wrapped him in swaddling clothes and laid him in a manger because there was no room for them at the inn. Now, there were shepherds in that region living in the fields and keeping the night watch over their flock. The angel of the lord appeared to them, and the glory of the lord shown around them, and they were struck with great fear. The angel said to them, "fear not, for, behold, I bring you tidings of great joy that will be for all people. For today in the city of David, a savior has been born who is Christ the lord. And that's how we've come to celebrate the joy of Christmas -- 
child: Mommy. 
Alan: Peace on earth, and goodwill for all of us. 
Noah: Well, who's ready for presents? Santa's loaded down with goodies for everybody. 
Patrick: He's loaded, all right. 
Noah: Whoa, that's for you. All right, what else we got here? 
Michael: Excuse me, Santa? 
Noah: Yes, what can I do for you, young man? Something special? 
Michael: Actually, it's for my brother. 
Noah: Really? 
Michael: Yeah -- 
Noah: Well, you can ask me anything you want. I'm quite partial to redheads. 
Michael: Well, Morgan wants to know if you can let his mom come home for Christmas. 
Noah: Well, I think every mother should spend Christmas with her boy. Wait! Is your mother's name Carly? 
Michael: How did you know? 
Child: Over there! 
Michael: Mom! 

Scene 3
Patrick: Hey, kids, I'm gonna  borrow Santa for a second, all right? 
Noah: Hey, I'm -- I'm working here. 
Patrick: You're drunk. 
Noah: What are you doing? 
Patrick: You're going to mark these kids for life. 
Noah: Oh, you're such a drama queen. 
Patrick: That's me -- making a whole lot out of nothing. Do me a favor. Get a cab, go home. 
Noah: Didn't know you cared. 
Robin: Does your father always drink on Christmas? 
Patrick: Ever since my mother died. 

Scene 4
Noah: You should have stayed at the party. 
Patrick: It was winding down. 
Noah: I don't blame you for hating me. You were smart, though. You figured out how to get on with your life. I'm proud of you for all of it. Your mom would have been proud, too. 
Patrick: I remember one Christmas Eve. We were just about to start opening presents and you got called to surgery. Kid with a tumor or something. You remember? 
Noah: After a while, all the tumors start to look alike. 
Patrick: Mom said we couldn't open presents until you got home.  I was so angry. How could you go take care of someone else's kid and ruin my Christmas? 
Noah: Selfish bastard that I am. 
Patrick: I waited up for you, but you never made it home that night. When mom was putting me to bed, she said I shouldn't be angry, that I needed to be proud because my father was able to save someone else's life. 
Patrick: Took me a while to get it.

Scene 5z
[during the closing song, Patrick takes the drink from Noah's hand, and Noah follows him out]

[approximately 05:36  of Noah content]

According to US

Rick... I'm sorry, Noah in a Santa suit.   I was really looking forward to this, but yet once I saw it - I really didn't feel a payoff.   If it weren't for the voice, you really couldn't tell it was him.   I also didn't see any lewd actions or comments to make Patrick yank him away from the kids and send him off.   Now if Michael would've said he smelled like his Daddy when his parents have had a fight, or if he had yelled at a kid or fell over or something - then yeah, I would've tossed him off the floor as well.     He even sat quietly while Alan read the story.  You gotta give him props for not nodding off or anything like that.  

I was really sitting through the rest of this episode bummed that that was all we were gonna get.   Obviously Santa heard my pleas, because suddenly there's Rick...darn it...Noah in the best damn looking outfit I've seen on him in years.   Someone hire this wardrobe person for the road!  Stat!   He looked so sad, I just wanted Patrick to hug him or something.   We finally get a little peek into what happened in their past, as they are both reminiscing about Patrick's mother and past Christmases.   I actually teared up listening to Patrick talking about the Christmas Eve his Dad saved another child's life.   I wanted to run my fingers through Noah's hair (it needed a little combing in the back).    Then tears turned to joy when in the next scene Noah stood up.   I think there was a hoot or a holler, I'm not sure - but you would've thought he was naked or something.   I was just excited to see the whole outfit at a different angle.    Still the sad look on the face in the eyes, and now I wished I was there to give him a hug.    I so enjoyed this ending so much - I watched it when it aired, then went back and watched it a few more times -sick puppy that I am. - Michelle P.

Noah is playing Santa and has apparently fallen off the wagon because he’s wasted.  After listening to Alan’s Christmas story Noah begins to pass out presents. Thankfully he’s sober enough to remember which children belong to Carly. {OK, if it wasn’t for the voice – there would be no way to know that was Rick in that Santa suit – that was one ‘full coverage’ beard. Second, nice side comment about being partial to redheads – with a pan to a beaming Bobbie in the crowd (along with all the other rarely seen Port Charles residents)}

Patrick has enough of the happy drunk Santa and gives him money for a cab. {I loved Noah’s line here “Oh, you’re such a drama queen”. And I think this is the first time Patrick references what has led to Noah’s drinking – his mother’s is that considered a plot point?}

Patrick arrives and Noah is now a sad drunk and drowning his sorrow in a glass. Patrick recalls a story from their past and in a very round about way admits he is proud of Noah. Although Noah tries to joke his way out of the moment he seems to understand Patrick in the end. The show closes with Patrick taking the glass from Noah and them walking out. {OK, first off – where is Noah? Hotel lobby, hospital lobby? Not sure but somehow Patrick knew where to find him. OK actually, more importantly, LOVE the leather jacket! Wow! Best wardrobe choice yet! Really really liked this one. Anyway back to the story – Noah and Patrick seem to connect but it’s still very much on the edge of the issues. The guys won’t address their relationship directly – just talk about things in broad terms. Patrick takes the glass from Noah and then walks out – OK your dad is a stumbling drunk right now, perhaps a little support? But still nice gesture… and again he’s wearing that sweet jacket.} - Jen H.
Oh my goodness…Rick in a Santa suit! Cute yes, but shoot…we can't see our Rick! I think I'd recognize that sexy voice anywhere though. How funny! He is sipping the goods on the elevator. Why is it that he always waits until he's AT the hospital to drink??? Is he that bad that he can't do his drinking at home or somewhere. I'd be terrified someone would catch me! 

Patrick is looking none-to-happy while Alan reads the Christmas story to the kids. Noah isn't doing anything wrong really (other than the fact that he came to the party smashed!). He seems to be behaving himself! What a hoot the way he kind of staggers about when Patrick pulls him up off the floor (where he is sitting with the children), and he tells Patrick "you're such a drama queen." LOL!!! I love the expression on Noah's face when he says that! (well…in his eyes, since we can't see those great lips, due to the bushy Santa beard!) Noah leaves to go catch a cab.

Next scene shows Noah with a drink, and I have no idea where he is supposed to be. At the metro court?? At a hotel? In the hospital lobby? Anyway…OMG…Noah is looking AMAZING here in that leather jacket and jeans! JEEZE! Amazing but sad. I for one was glad he ditched the Santa get-up pretty quickly! He and Patrick talk about a few things. Namely, Patrick tells his dad how disappointed he was as kid one Christmas when Noah left the house to save someone's life. Well of course he did! He was a dedicated neurosurgeon, and his duty as a doc called him that night. It kind of seemed like Patrick was grasping at straws, trying to find anything to throw up in Noah's face. I can imagine the upset that would cause a young child, but seeing as how Patrick is a doctor as well & knows what that drive and passion is all about, it just felt like that was kind of uncalled for. He is so very bitter over Noah's past mistakes. At least he says to Noah, "it took me awhile to get it." So maybe he IS beginning to see Noah's side of things. I thought this was a touching scene between the two of them, even if there was that underlying hurt and anger. - Kelley Pearson
Santa in the elevator, slugging down a drink…I KNEW it had to be Noah. I definitely found that to be amusing. Not that it was funny to see Noah/Santa getting plastered, but the fact that Rick Springfield was in a Santa suit! Patrick's facial expression was priceless when he spotted his dad, too. Noah calls Patrick a drama queen? HA!
Another hysterical little bit of sarcasm.

Later, after a very nice `costume' change for Noah, the little conversation between he and Patrick is very emotional. Rick pulled that one off perfectly, in my opinion. Reminiscing about his youth, Patrick moves Noah to tears, and it was a very touching moment. - Amy L.