General Hospital
December 29, 2005

Scene 1
Noah: Bobbie. I've written up my recommendations for the Ortado surgery. Can you see Tony Jones gets this? 
Bobbie: Oh, of course. 
Noah: Thanks. 
Bobbie: And I'm sure Tony's going to appreciate this, but why aren't you doing the surgery yourself? 
Noah: I'm a little out of practice. 
Bobbie: Noah, you're a gifted surgeon, and you're letting your talent go to waste when you could be helping people. 
Noah: You know, I was never as good as people seem to believe, and believe me, I haven't gotten any better these days. 

Scene 2
Waitress: Vodka martini. 
Noah: Thanks. Keep them coming, ok? 
Bobbie: Thank you. Hey, Noah. Oh. Isn't it a little early? 
Noah: Wait a second. We haven't seen each other in years. You can't be telling me what to do. And you certainly have no right to be following me. 
Bobbie: Actually, I'm here for my grandson's birthday party. And if you want to drink your day away, I can't stop you. 

Scene 3

Noah: Bobbie, wait, wait, wait. Look, I owe you an apology. I was way off base. 
Bobbie: Apology accepted. 
Noah: Care to join me? 
Bobbie: Noah, why are you doing this to yourself? 
Noah: I happen to enjoy being drunk. 
Bobbie: I doubt that. It's as if there's something haunting you, driving you to drink. 
Noah: Haunting me? I like the sound of that. 
Bobbie: Hey, you know, you don't have to tell me about it, today or ever, but you should talk to somebody.

[approximately 02:48  of Noah content]

According to US

Noah strolls off the elevator, and saunters over to Bobbie - who's working in the "lounge" area once again.  I swear - don't these people have offices?   He hands over a report he has worked on for Dr. Jones and he and Bobbie have a little squabble that he's not doing the surgery himself.   Okay Bobbie, what part of "He was drunk in a bar earlier this month" do you not get?  I agree, if he was so good of a surgeon as everyone has praised him to be, he is wasting his talent.   His reply of not being as good as he used to be sounded nothing like an ego-maniac surgeon either.   Hmm....something's amiss here.    Probably a viable scene, but who am I to complain?

Next we see that Noah has hot-footed it over to Metro Court, where he's sitting in the lobby, enjoying a martini.    I'm sorry - but the look on his face said to me,"If I have to drink another sip of water out of this plastic martini glass...."  He almost looked relieved that Bobbie walked in the door to relieve him of that obligation.   Now, she stops and talks to Noah and makes a comment about him drinking so early in the day.   See Jackie, it's all in your delivery that he got a little pissy with you.   If you had chuckled and said, "Gee... starting a little early today - rough morning?"   Instead of "Awww...isn't it a little early?" with a woe-is-me look on your face, well it would've been a different scene entirely, now wouldn't it?   A little warning bell also went off for me that Noah must've been well into the gin barrel, as he accused Bobbie of following him although she's standing there with a freakin' present in her hand.   Here - Happy Birthday Doofus.

Later, after the shortest kid birthday party in history, attended by more adults than children by the way.... Bobbie passes Noah again - he's still hanging in the lobby.  (Which, btw is totally cool.... I've hung in hotel lobbies for hours and hours with nothing to do!)   He apologizes, then invites Bobbie to kick back a few with him.   She asks him if there's something haunting him (Nah, just the ghost of a dead wife, a son who can't stand him or his behavior, and maybe a few groupies on the back of the set).   She walks away telling him he should get some help.   I'm sure that's all it's going to take - he's going to skip on over to the rehab center with his hand in his pocket right away. - Michelle P.
Noah is passing recommendations to Bobbie to hand over to Tony. She wonders why Noah isn’t doing the surgery himself. {OK so they have no interoffice way to get things to each other? Is Bobbie now also a messenger? And also hasn’t Bobbie caught up with the ‘I’m a drunk now’ issue?}

Bobbie finds Noah drinking at the hotel. Later, as Bobbie is leaving, Noah apologizes. {OK so much for the Christmas breakthrough, Noah’s back drinking again. He reacts badly to Bobbie’s surprise at his drinking at such an early hour. Perhaps this will clue Bobbie in to why Noah’s not doing any surgeries right now. But Noah is still drinking when Bobbie is leaving the birthday party. He apologizes and Bobbie encourages him to talk to someone about his problems – then turns on her heels and marches away. On the off chance he would have opened up right then shouldn’t she have at least paused for a response?} - Jen H.
Well…not too much going on with Noah this particular day on GH. Bobbie reminding Noah of what a talented doctor he is…Noah not agreeing with her. Nothing really spectacular in his first scene of the day.

He's seen next at the Metro Court, ordering drinks. "Keep them coming!" he tells the waitress. LOL! He is ready to party again! Bobbie arrives & "catches" him sitting with a martini in hand. He appeared so startled, it looked like he almost spilled his drink! Oooops Noah…embarrassing moment with Bobbie. She fusses that he is drinking way to early, and he gets quite defensive with her. He tells her that she has no business following him around. Um….she wasn't! She says she is there for Michael's birthday party. Yikes! As Noah sits quietly drinking his martini, I know he couldn't help but overhear Carly & Emily arguing about Emily & Sonny's "towel incident." I bet he thought, "wow these chicks are crazy!" LOL Does he realize at this point that it's Carly…Bobbie's daughter? Not sure.

How sweet…Noah stops Bobbie on her way out and apologizes for getting so defensive with her, snapping at her. Something "haunting" him she says…oh yeah…if she only knew! Is it just me, or does Noah give Bobbie some pretty sweet looks?! - Kelley Pearson
These three scenes today were very short and not so sweet. It seems like Bobbie is trying to 'mother' Noah instead of being his friend. Not so much by what she says, but it's just the tone of her voice and the way that she talks to him that gets to me here. The first scene, at the hospital, was almost useless, but hey , we got to see Noah, so who am I to complain?

Next scene, Noah is sitting at what looks like a hotel lobby (I only just started watching GH when a certain someone came back to the show, so I have no idea where he was, but anyway…) when Bobbie appears. Now, why do you think Noah just so happened to be where she would show up for her grandsons birthday party? LOL Anyway, I liked
the way Noah told her she couldn't tell him what to do. Go Noah, even though it is in your best interest to listen to her. I liked the way Bobbie opened the door, so to speak, that Noah could talk to her, if he needed it, but didn't push him. - Amy L.