General Hospital
December 30, 2005



Scene 1
Alice: Hey, we have a guest.....{enter Noah Drake}

Scene 2

Noah: I'm sorry that I didn't RSVP. I wasn't sure of my plans tonight. 
Monica: Oh, that's,  that's quite all right. We're just very pleased that you're here. 
Ned: Would you like a drink? 
Noah: Oh -- no, no, thanks. I'm good. I just thought I'd take this opportunity to maybe meet some of the generous patrons of the hospital. 
Monica: And we would love to introduce you to them as soon -- 
Luke: Except it won't happen, not tonight, not here. 
Edward: Oh, here's Alice with fresh canapés. That's dates with prosciutto wrapped around them. 
Luke: Did you happen to notice that you are the only guest at this soiree? 
Monica: It is still early, Luke. Other people are going to be arriving. 
Luke: Nobody's coming. Dr. Drake, this family has been snubbed by polite society because of me. 

Alan: Don't sound quite so proud of yourself. 
Luke: Well, instead of just sitting here complaining, I say we take action. 
Edward: You want action? How about we throw you out of the house. 
Luke: Ha-ha-ha! No, no, no. Carly is throwing a party at the Metro Court. That's where all your so-called friends are going to be. I say we march in there together, heads held high, champagne glasses in hand, a phalanx of top hats and decotage. The envy of port upchuck. The incomparable Quartermaines. 
Alan: Have fun. 
Ned: I think you've confused us with some other Quartermaines. 
Luke: Spanky buns? 
Tracy: My darling, Carly was a grasping social climber before she got herself committed to a mental institution. Now she's not only pretentious, but she's unstable. I wouldn't give her the satisfaction. 
Skye: I'll go. 
Luke: Great. Well, I got my date. Should we go snare you one? 
Noah: I don't think I can leave the party. 
Luke: Oh, sure you can. This isn't a party, this is a funeral. These people are going to see the new year in with a warm glass of milk and a sedative. Does that sound like fun to you? 
Noah: Well -- 
Luke: Well, of course it doesn't! Come on, let's go see how the living celebrate. Happy new year, y'all! 

Scene 3
Luke: Caroline Benson Spencer, etc., Etc. 
Carly: Carly Corinthos. Ms. Corinthos, if you prefer. 
Noah: Hi, I'm Dr. Drake. 
Carly: Hi. 
Luke: So it's "Corinthos" again? I don't really care what you call yourself as long as you know you're a Spencer. 
Skye: I'm sorry to interrupt this display of familial pride, but aren't we supposed to be celebrating something? 
Carly: Yes. Yes, we are. Come to the bar, have a drink. Please, enjoy yourselves. 
Luke: Thank you. 

Scene 4
Noah: Bobbie. You look great. 
Bobbie: Well, thank you. You, too. Is it my imagination, or are you actually sober on New Year's? 
Noah: In the spirit of adventure, I decided to brave the night without a drink. 
Bobbie: Good for you. 

[approximately 03:20  of Noah content]

According to US

NYE!! Noah in a Tux!! Can you believe it!! I can't stop using exclamation points!! 

Noah pops in at the dud of a party over at the Quartermaines.   How was he to know they are so lame now, the last time he was in town they were THE happening family.   I just loved, loved , loved seeing his entrance...all dimply and dapper.   Sigh.... that should be the new tour outfit.  He could start out the show in that and just remove it piece by piece.    Ok, where was I?   Oh, the party.   He apologizes for not RSVPing, and I'm thinking, "Where'd they send the invite?"  (yeah, it's stupid things like that that take up space in my mind)  He's all sober and ready to meet some GH bigwigs.   Although the jokes' on him, there ain't any there.  

Luke and Skye manage to sweep him away from the party to go crash Carly's party at Metro Court.   I swear I felt as uncomfortable as he looked, wondering if he should accept and leave with them.   I was rooting for him though, yelling "Go!" at my TV.  (Hey, my husband does it for sports, I should  have the same freedom for soaps.)   So the three of them hustle on over to Metro Court.   Here's where the fun begins for Dr. Drake.    Luke introduces him to his niece, Carly.   She gets the once over with the eyes.  I was waiting for him to say, "Do you know a bottle of glitter fell on you?"  But he didn't.   Then Bobbie, or should I say Boob-ie scoots on over, for her turn with the eye sweep.   He tells her she looks great.   (Yeah well, you didn't see her from behind, buddy.)   She is astounded he's sober on NYE.   Yeah, me too.   The one night you get a *free pass* to get all liquored up and act like fool, and he passes.   Whatever.    He knew there was no kiss to be prepared for later, I guess.   Which was another dumb, dumb move on the writers' part.   At the lightening speed with which he was introduced and placed into the current storylines, what's a little smooch with Bobbie gonna hurt on NYE?  Huh?  Everyone else had someone to pucker up too.  Robbed I tell ya, he was robbed. - Michelle P.

Noah goes to the ‘un-cool’ Quartermaine Party…although on the positive side he’s apparently back on the wagon. Luke decides to abandon the Q party and bum-rushes Noah into coming along to Carly’s party. {Apparently in his drunken stupor Noah didn’t realize which party was the hip one to attend. Although I’m glad he was able to dress himself up sweetly in that tux. Noah cleans up very well. Seeing him in the middle of all the normal Quartermaine squabbling is quite funny – he looks a bit lost among all the verbal barbs being thrown about. I’m glad he left the Q party – it was going downhill quite fast…on to the more interesting party}

Luke introduces Noah to Carly at the party. {Doesn’t Noah know Carly? He knew which children where hers a week ago after all. I think it’s funny he introduces himself as Dr. Drake. Not even Dr. Noah Drake or just Noah Drake. By the way, does Carly have enough glitter on? She’s like a shiny toy – it’s on her shoulders and back and even in her hair. It’s no surprise Noah turns and watches her walk away.}

Noah finds Bobbie at the party and she points out he’s sober. {Noah seems a bit fascinated by Bobbie’s cleavage – and in that dress it’s really no surprise. Although he may be thinking how both mother and daughter were wearing the heavy sparkle that night. There’s just one more far off shot of Noah as midnight is celebrated – not even a friendly New Year’s kiss or hug for he and Bobbie…bummer!} - Jen H.
How funny were these scenes today? I love the comedy of the Quatermaines combined with Luke Spencer. The only downfall was that poor Noah could barely get a word in edgewise, the way Luke kept spouting off. I know Rick had to be having a hard time not to let a snicker or two loose while filming with this comical group.

I guess it was inevitable that Noah would meet up with Bobbie on NYE. Couldn't they have covered her up a little more? I mean darn, I thought Noah was going to fall into her dress head first…LOL It really was nice to have her see him sober, and let them have a nice little talk, but goodness, no kiss or even a dance? What's up with that? - Amy L.
Oh what a stuffy BORING party at the Quartermaines!!! That is…until Noah walks in and STEALS the scene!!! My gosh….does the man look amazing in a tux or what???!!! Makes you want to gobble him up right there! And what do you know, first thing through the door he is offered a drink. Way to go Noah! He turns it down. The first few minutes when I saw this scene, all I could think was…Noah is going to get bored very quickly here. This just doesn't seem like his type of "soiree." (all I could think….If I were Noah, I'd turn tail and run from this bunch!! And what do you know…he did. But Luke did the honors and "helped" him bow out gracefully). 

I LOVE Luke's sarcasm and humor here. He cracks me up! He is filling Noah in on how there are much better places to be on New Year's Eve. Noah's eyes are too intense. Cute how Luke calls Port Charles "Port Up Chuck!" LOL What a hoot. Luke wants to help Noah snag a date for the night… Noah needs help?? He has women falling at his feet Luke! OH…no that's Rick, not Noah. (maybe soon though, very soon…..come on GH!) What a cute moment when Noah tries to respond to Luke and he can't get a word in edgewise. He looks so out-of-place at this gathering of rivals! His facial expressions are priceless! This scene tickled me. Noah leaves the so-called party with the "fun" people. (thank goodness…get that boy out of there!)

Next at the Metro Court Noah is introduced to Carly. (is it my imagination, or does he appear to be "taken" by Carly?? His eyes were quite fixed on her! He even turns and watches her as he walks away.) I like the little exchange between Noah & Bobbie as he tells her he is NOT drinking on New Year's. Again…way to go Noah! Stay off that bottle man. He appears to have a "new" obsession though in this scene. Bobbie is about to pop out of that evening gown (which I will say, she looks pretty good here!) and it seems Noah thinks so too. Is he hoping if he looks at her breasts enough times that they will come out of that dress??? LOL It seems like it. Well…it WOULD be hard for him to make eye contact, with a top like that! I loved this whole New Years thing, and that Noah was at least THERE, but I can't help but feeling gypped! No dance, no kiss, no NOTHING for Noah & Bobbie. What the heck??? Kind of sad really…(poor baby) Seeing as how he's doing so well with his "New Year's resolution" of no drinking, he at least deserved a kiss, a hug or a pat on the back, dontcha' think? - Kelley Pearson