What's It All About?


Original Air  Date: 10/04/78 on CBS
Cast: McLean Stevenson, Priscilla Lopez, Jack Dodson,  Priscilla Morrill, Olivia Barash, Bobby Ellerbee
Guest Stars: Rick Springfield
Director: Doug Rogers
Rick's Character Name: Unkown (traveling musician)

Clip of opening Credits

Synopsis:  Aggie is stunned by the neighborhood girls' dangerous ignorance about sex. Rick Springfield is a traveling musician who proves to be a great temptation for Aggie, who finds herself troubled with lustful thoughts about the young man.

Note:  Although IMDB has this episode listed as 9/27/78 - all the TV listings from the local papers have this episode playing on Wednesday 10/4/78.  IMDB has episode 2 and 3 flipped. Unfortunately we don't have any clips from this episode, just information from TV Listings.  This was a Norman Lear creation.

TV Listing from Wednesday 10/4/78

TV Listing from Wednesday 9/27/78