Portrait of Laurie


Original Air  Date: 10/30/78 on CBS
Cast: Jimmy McNichol, Marc McClure, Michele Tobin, Lorenzo Lamas
Guest Stars: Rick Springfield
Director: Harvey S. Laidman
Rick's Character Name: Adam

Clip of opening Credits

This is probably the message announcing the episode would not air.

Synopsis: Laurie runs away from home after an argument with her parents. Michele Tobin appeared as Laurie Newman.

Note:  IMDB has this listed as airing on 10/30/78, but it appears to have been pre-empted by a CBS News Special.  It does seem to have aired in Australia on 12/26/80 and on the BBC in Decmeber 1980 - so it's out there somewhere.

TV Listing from 10/30/79

TV Guide: Sydney Morning Herald - December 21 1980 - Listing for Friday December 26, 1980

This also aired on the BBC in December of 1980.  There was a special on Christmas day where all episodes were aired in order.